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Aug-09-2018 Categories: news

Now apprehend me out. I've consistently been a guy who has capital the Fox football aggregation to do commentary, yeah yeah. I know. Joe and Troy accept alot of abhorrence but alfresco of NBC they're bigger than ALOT of commentators out.

So admonition me god, if anybody mentions CBS. They accept abundant chemistry, accommodate acceptable acumen and accomplish amateur abnormally big amateur feel BIG. With that accepting said. Aback Madden and Pat/Al no best accomplishing annotation for the games.

We can ALL AGREE. It sucks. It just feels and IS acrylic by numbers. They don't assume to acknowledge to the bold but acknowledge to the play with a preselcted line. It's about as if the bold doesn't in actuality appear for them live, but happens to them according to how the bold "thinks" it should acknowledge to the play itself instead of the user's accomplishments in it.

For example. If you exhausted Cleveland in the endure abnormal does it accept that anguish to it that it did if the Ravens did it aback in 2015 ? No. It would feel like assault ANY added team.

If I edge (speaking of which what happened to the action for aptitude out of bound ?) forth the amusement do they react? No. It's just active upfield for them.

I say, about-face off your commentary. I say hey, EA don't put in any annotation in next year and plan on the army babble and gameplay. Save that money for something that we would all account from.

Work on the baby details, the minutia if you will of the GAME. The aspects of FOOTBALL that accomplish it fun and great, fans, cheerleaders, coaches, the sidelines, refs (speaking of which breadth the fuck are those guys, the aboriginal down/los guys what happened to them, I admired diving into those fucking guys my g, uhhh mascots) not the commentary. Amateur chatter. Bits like that Madden 19 Coins.

Maybe afresh you'll see (even those who SOMEHOW authenticate this) you've been a subpar artefact anytime aback you larboard the PS2/XBOX/GC generation.

It's time to stop pretending, you're this accurate product. You're not, you never were. We played you because you represented a playground, and recreated that digitally and gave us something to actualize aural it.

You've absent that. It's time to stop lying to yourselves and us as customers, yeah even the fucking kids who play mut. It's time to accomplish football playable again.

Time to accord us aback our amphitheater and let us actualize the abracadabra with the accoutrement you CAN actualize and accord to us to accomplish something amazing with.

It's time to do bigger than complete payer motion. The players as with all EA Sports titles alfresco of Fifa and NHL (and MVP baseball).

The movement is stiff. It has consistently been, apparently consistently will be until you carelessness whatever engine you're active on those added amateur and actualize with something new.

I don't charge to play your games, I don't wish to play your amateur (I beggarly Fifa 19 looks acceptable for me could cause I still play 16 and don't buy you every year like an idiot).

But, I blazon this because I REALLY wish to.

- Able Madden lover, present accepting disgusted in what you accept become as a product.