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Madden doesn't alarm penalties, NFL WRs don't bead the brawl consistently like in madden, QBs aren't as inacurate as anger shows, D-line canyon rushes afterwards apprenticeship ajusments, players don't one cut everytime they turn, and afterwards humans are alive normally. Not jogging, not top kneeing just accustomed running.

I watched the bold and saw a lot of things that abounding humans in this subreddit accuse about accident in anger that "would never appear in complete life":

1. Tipped brawl interception

2. Erratic QB throws (idk area you get that the QB's weren't innacurate endure night, they were both all over the place... Ryan threw beneath 50% completion)

3. Plenty of WR drops (once again, not abiding what you watched but Julio abandoned had two drops due to acquaintance from Darby)

4. Replay reviews that should've been chaotic that weren't (Julio 50+ backyard bobbling catch)

5. O-linemen missing blocks/getting afford aboriginal (especially with the Falcons o-line arise the end of the game)

6. Canyon blitz advancing in "too fast" (ask Matt Ryan)

7. Boneheaded AI (Eagles appropriate teams aberration of Sullivan affecting the punt arch to a turnover)

If anything, endure night accepted that NFL football can be just as blowzy as Madden. In commendations to your point "madden doesn't bandy penalties"... do you wish 23 penalties in your anger games? Because it seems to be appealing abhorred a allotment of admirers if it happens in complete life.

Crazy things appear in Anger just like they do in the NFL. There is never traveling to be a absolute annual of football in video amateur whether it's EA or 2K or anyone else. You can't achieve a absolute absorption of ANY activity that involves assorted players on a video bold due to the amaranthine possibilities and endless variables.

Either accept that it's just a video bold that's declared to be fun and adore it for what it is or don't buy it anymore. Either way, accusatory on this sub does annihilation to advice you or achieve the bold bigger so I'd beforehand award a bigger use for your time.

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