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​Madden - I in fact charge Madden 20 to be good

news Apr-11-2019

​Madden - I in fact charge Madden 20 to be good

I apperceive these posts appear so generally but man, they acquire been accustomed abundant time to fix all the authorization issues. I don't appointment the sub generally but actuality I go.

Contracts: Backloaded, Frontloaded, analogously distributed. All that accepting should be in the game, not abandoned that but the furnishings it has, like if I backload a contract, I wish that to acquire an aftereffect on the decision, whether a arrangement with the aforementioned bulk of money, benefit and affirmed money, should be able to abandoned based off of the administration of the deal, like if it's front-loaded, accept, but backloaded, reject, abnormally with low guarantees. They charge to accomplish abiding this isn't accommodating though, like giving a good(not great) amateur a 60M accord with like 2m in aboriginal 2 years, and like the draft afterwards and just cut them afterwards the additional year. (Even something as simple as 3 options in the arrangement page, front-load, even, backload. That's be awesome)

Guarantees. Man we should be able to agreement money, like lower cap hits but in fact affirmed deals should be an accession to accepting top bulk contracts.

Also, arrangement offers fabricated afore the final year.

Free-Agency: We charge reside free-agency. It sucks someties you get the accomplished offer, yet if you skip to see if they accepted, accession aggregation got a bigger offer, which you never saw, and you would acquire fabricated a academy bid. We charge teams to in fact focus on their needs, like accomplish able pushes for some players, chargeless bureau battles like the Kirk Cousins one, breadth you had the Jets, Broncos and Vikings all fighting. Also, accomplish the players aces not abandoned for money but from contempo aggregation success, amphitheater age (would be accessories but Madden doesn't acquire that) accurateness to hometown (or university, because Madden doesn't acquire hometowns)

Gameplay: Look, this ability be unpopular, but I am not too affronted at the gameplay, yeah it's bad, but we can accord with it if added improvements are made. Just a few fixes and animations and i'm fine.

Draft: Look, i abandoned couldn't affliction beneath about presentations (players walking out with their jersey, names accepting called, aces assay by experts), that's apparently abhorred as well, but if we can accomplish it so it's a tiny bit added random, that'd be great, also, comments from their academy coaches would be air-conditioned (but i wouldn't wish it that abundant because animate EA, they'll add like 30 altered comments and you'd see them all like 60 times repeated). What I beggarly by accidental is, you should be able to see their top ancestry and aggregate like we have, but we shouldn't apperceive all their ancestry anon afterwards drafting, like it should be until like anniversary 4 of preseason that their ratings are abutting to final(and even afresh a cool baby adventitious they could accession in their next year or bust), their progression bulk (superstar, star, quick, normal, slow) should aswell not be final, like yeah it can be superstar, but there's a baby adventitious he never in fact progresses anywhere, because that can happen, or if slow, could out of boilerplate go from 71 to 77, and to 81, in a year, because this happens, it makes it added absorbing to see who to cut or not if aggregate is anytime so hardly added random.

I apperceive this is a lot to ask, but seriously, we've accustomed time and money for EA to do this. This may be riddled with errors, because bluntly I am to alive and ashen my time autograph this but it's too backward now to annul it all. Honestly, i'd be accomplished if we had reside chargeless bureau and hardly bigger affairs next year, if that were all the updates, i'd buy it appropriate away. There's apparently added things but honestly, abstract and affairs are my capital one, oh yeah and astute arrangement numbers and bacon cap rising. That's it, i'd be ecsatic if all these appearance were in fact implemented by Madden 21 or even 22.