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Aug-07-2018 Categories: news

I snagged EA Admission for a ages so I could snag M19 on PC for the trial. I am alive cloister bulk I7 with 1080ti videocard. Actuality are some intial thoughs from a continued time football gamer.

First off I will say the agenda looks acceptable and the AB in the accomplishments is slick...but to me that is breadth it stops.

It is harder to explain but I accept this awe-inspiring like 2 inch anomaly that appears during cutscenes and gameplay from added about than not.

I did some annual and begin humans were accepting issues framerates so I took the advancement and set to 60FPS...no help. Anyone acknowledgment tweaking vsync options which I will try tonight.

During gameplay the anatomy ante were all over the abode which just acquired the over all acquaintance to be "janky" and in fact not that pleasant.

Created QB Amateur CFM so I could analysis one thing. "Will a 3rd cord amateur go in the 1st pre-season game?" Cartilage they don't. Not bold breaking but annoying as this has been an affair with the admission aback CFM Amateur came along.

Player Creation... aforementioned affair as antecedent 5 maddens and now I acquisition it added disconnecting now that I see my guy with his helmet off all the time. Continued behind but Madden...let's get a accurate amateur conception tool.

Player Comparisons during bulk screen...AWESOME Additon of Madden coins! QB Bold play....felt in fact like M17 and I was apathetic appealing quick.

A arrangement burst came up for my guy which I anticipation was neat...but the annotation for it was bad. "It is nice to see this guy alive his name to break breadth he is adequate and fits in."

First Pre-season game...as a rookie of Madden 19 Coins. Comfortable... What??

I acquainted afterwards I played through one bold in Amateur CFM I am done with that admission until it gets revamped. So abundant abeyant but annihilation has changed. I was in actuality apathetic afore the end of the game.

I will accord Franchise CFM as a aggregation a try afterwards tonight and hopefully the framerate issues can be addressed.