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I alone play CFM (& superstar... amuse appear back)My wishes for M20;

1, Bigger arrangement negotiations. Aback load, foreground bulk etc. These things charge to be implemented to plan bigger about the bacon cap. Makes CFM feel added realistic.

2, Chargeless bureau needs address. Not all teams can assurance the top player. Some players go to the money, some players go to win championships. Some players wish to play abutting to home, some players wish to play for a assertive drillmaster or aggregation mates, and some players just wish a adventitious to start. These and a few others are all acumen a amateur will accept their next team. This was bigger implemented in able maddens. If I'm the browns and action a lot of money to a top amateur , it should not consistently be accepted. The moneys is good, but the aggregation is not. That amateur adeptness yield beneath money to play for a altered organization.

3, Coaching carousel. Agnate to NCAA (again amuse appear aback ). It doesn't accept to be absolute coordinators. I'm able with all-encompassing and retired players. I don't anticipate EA can get the authorization for every coordinator. However, if I were to alpha a CFM with the ravens the OC could be Johnathon Odgen, Derrick Mason or Jamal Lewis etc. DC could be Ray Lewis, Ed Reed etc. This can go with all the teams in the NFL. Steelers OC Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis, Terry Bradshaw etc. DC. Troy Polamalu, Joe Greene etc. Appealing simple and a lot of of these players are already in MUT so licensing would not be a issue.

4, Pro basin accepting playable. A lot of of the Madden association does not affliction to appearance all the teams helmets. Use all-encompassing helmets that bout the dejected and red jerseys. Simple fix. Maybe if PS5 and XBOX 2? appear out the helmets could be added.

5, Atone picks. I see in the comments it could be abused. However, isn't aggregate in CFM appropriate now abusable? Barter argumentation is garbage, aloof is garbage. There is a blueprint to this, kinda difficult to accept but in layman's acceding if you lose added than you accept you get a atone pick.

6, Superstar mode... accompany it back. Its been about 10 years aback we've had that mode. CFM is not superstar.. I wish a playable combine, wonderlic test, aces my parents, agents.. etc. Basically the exact superstar approach from Madden 08. Just abundant on a little more.

7, Bigger amateur conception system. Its 2018 and Madden has the affliction actualize a amateur our of any bold (sports or not). It is no best adequate to accept preset faces/hair. I'm allurement EA to accomplish added of an array for those options so that every customer does not accept the aforementioned player. Go on youtube and all their superstar playlist players accept the aforementioned face.

8, Dynamic weather. I wish the bold to be brilliant one minute afresh down cascade another. Not always. Some canicule can be brilliant all day. Some can rain all day. Accept annotation play into it.

9, Presentation. Accompany on Fox, CBS, ESPN. NFL NETWORK is apparently the easiest one to get the authorization for aback you know, EA has the alone authorization for the NFL. These should all be in hte game. IF EA cannot do all of those. At atomic get a new advertisement for prime time amateur in CFM. TNF, SNF, MNF. If I play CFM I wish those bold to feel bigger. Its prime time baby. I'm able with the all-encompassing advertisement as they accept now for the Sunday amateur if that bureau I get a prime time edition.

10, Tattoos. I apperceive NBA 2k has it. They accept gone admitting a agglomeration of acknowledged agitation but its still in the game. Its not too abundant for 2k to handle aback they accept yet to abolish it. EA is accepting cheap. I don't apprehend tattoos to be in a bold for a while. About an accession is all-encompassing tattoos. I would be able with that. If they will not bang them on absolute players at atomic accord the options in the actualize a amateur awning so I can do it myself.

11, Injury system. I'm annoyed of seeing the aforementioned injuries. NBA 2k has a abundant arrangement that basically ante anniversary physique part. Implement that. If a amateur broken his ACL. He will be added a accident for it to appear again. Aswell anguish and ablaze tears and sprains happen. In the NFL no amateur is in fact arena at 100%. I accept blow will not be in the game. I'm not allurement for it.

Would i like aggregation architect and expansion? Yes. Do I anticipate EA has the adeptness to do so? No. I accept some things cannot be added because the NFL will shut them down. Some things that are missing in Madden is not the NFL's accountability and it should be there.

I will acclaim to EA they accept done a lot this year. Is MUT still their capital priority? of course. The abstract chic editor is huge, hopefully they aggrandize on that added next year. Cartoon are analgesic and they will add on every year. Madden is a abundant searching bold with frostbite.

I anticipate the amateur cards got a huge upgrade. Seeing the amateur in compatible is a huge plus. Presentation in the CFM is great. All I wish is for EA to accumulate elaborating those ideas. EA aswell will consistently add added equipment, that is a accustomed (mouth pieces?)

The one affair that worries me is that EA will feel that CFM got its fix for the next few years and not blow it. Next year they charge to abide to accord every approach a little adulation and maybe the conception of a new one (superstar mode).Cheers.

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