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Franchise approach is the abandoned approach I play yet it's an complete antic and needs a complete overhaul. Accompany aback preseason mini amateur so I can aces players to improve. Fix the actuality that stud 99 all-embracing players who are 32 and in the boilerplate of a contract and just fabricated the pro basin al of a sudden retire.

Fix the scouting. Maybe add a atom to anniversary aloof address that says if a amateur won an accolade like he is an or LB or DL of the year or TE or abhorrent lineman of the year or were finalists for awards. Those players tend to acquire a bigger pedigree.

Fix the accomplished bacon cap thing. It's so harder to see how your cap is traveling to Be in the approaching so signing chargeless agents is boxy while on that note, signing chargeless agents isn't even all-important if it should be essential. Fix the barter awning also.

Make it like an adjustable sliding bar calibration like on MLB the appearance if you add or decrease players (or picks for football) the calibration goes up or down anon so there is no charge to accumulate appointment trades to see if it's accustomed or declined andten accepting to acclimatize and abide again.

Let's acquire it, authorization is bankrupt and you guys accumulate absorption on MUT because of the micro transactions. I not plany that crap. It's sad to see how you chock-full convalescent the best allotment of the bold (franchise mode) to focus on a allotment of the game that makes added money for you. You acquire focused on MUT for years now. Now get aback to the best allotment of the bold and fix it!

Like you said, not a corruption affair will happen, which is amusing because it could apparently be appealing simple to fix some things. In fact just rip off authorization approach for NBA2K and Madden authorization would be great.

i.e. Retired numbers, ACTUAL carbon befitting of accomplished cool bowls/playoff runs, MVP's, all-pros, etc., players not regressing like a motherfucker from 30 to 31, online customizable teams, aloof that makes sense, players that don't attending like the White Chicks, etc.

But they don't accord a shit. They haven't aback like Madden 12. I accepted like basketball about 1/2 as abundant as I like football and I'd play 2K authorization any day over shitty ass Madden's body of a mode.

It's appealing abundant "play a accidental season" approach at this point. Everything sucks about it. The convenance drills suck, the XP arrangement blows, the brainless fucking tweets of humans suck, the simulation arrangement sucks, accepting the aforementioned create-a-team templates the accomplished 5 years blot (which you can't even adapt anymore. It's just cool lame.

And you apperceive what the saddest affair is? I haven't even played this year's Madden "franchise" and I agreement you every corruption affair I said is atom on. Because I apperceive how Madden has been the accomplished 5+ years and I acquire it hasn't afflicted one bit.

If by simulation arrangement you beggarly what happens if you sim weeks... Oh yea. I've gotten my aggregation up to 89-93, we'll be arena a 78-83 aggregation who's got a almanac anywhere from 0-8 to 2-8... I'll anticipate to myself "Ok, I don't charge to play this game, should be a win" AND EVERY TIME IT'S A LOSS. I acquire an underdog can an does win every week... any accustomed sunday afterwards all... but in Madden it's DAMN NEAR EVERYTIME.

Here's somthing new you haven't experienced... Corruption abreast EVERY INT is to the house. No amount area you bandy the ball... doesn't even acquire to be anywhere abreast the flats. Boilerplate linebackers aces the brawl over abysmal middle... aces six... FS or CB get a abysmal pick... aces six... DL band the fumble.... PICK SIX.

Oh, and Appropriate teams touchdowns are corruption abreast impossible... unless a blocked bang (which they've affectionate of overcompensated for... appear a bit added than they should)... which by the way... aces 6.

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