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Sep-10-2018 Categories: news

I'd in actuality adulation to see how abounding humans are in adulation with this year's Madden, and who's upset. I abandoned anticipate this is even worse than Madden 18. The mechanics are in actuality garbage. I can in actuality hit my fucking 86 rice in the face with the brawl and he doesn't bolt it. It's not just him too.

I've got videos of the brawl hitting my guy in the aback of the head, abandoned to accept the aegis int the brawl and run it back. They accomplish millions of dollars every fucking year and this is all we get? Im REALLY starting to get affronted with EA as whole.

This aggregation is alive Madden into the ground. It's gotten so bad that humans are accident their lives over this shit. It's fucking bullshit. EA does allegation to accomplish a bigger game, but it's not something to yield someone's activity over.

The bold could be acceptable if they in actuality put any accomplishment into just accomplished affability it and demography affliction of all the glitches and bugs.

There is so abundant amiss with how the AI functions it's unreal. Not to acknowledgment things like "high motor" and LBs with advancing advantage basically equals abhorrent debris instead of astute outplaying. I can't accept the affection arrangement basically breach the game.

Not to acknowledgment a huge abridgement of depth/content alfresco of MUT, abnormally in authorization mode. It in actuality lacks appearance that sports amateur from 15 years ago included in their product. Unfathomable that a bold annual a coinsion or whatever annually can be so blah in simple things. It's a bead in the ocean for them to pay to fix these things and add to their bold in places that badly allegation attention, but they debris to do it because they can.

I candidly would rather EA go bankrupt and there be no football bold over this. It would apparently be bigger for the future. But instead they'll just rank in atrocious banknote for some of the shittiest business practices in the industry (or apparently the complete affliction if you accede FIFA, battlefront etc). It makes me sad that this is what gaming is man.

EA is the bedlam banal of the gaming industry. Yield endure year's "pro series", I couldn't even calculation how abounding times anyone won off some bs awry out play. All you saw was anybody throwing alfresco because bisected the coverages were broken. You in actuality has to await on the cpu to awning boilerplate while you assumption the bend they would go.

Or the acclaimed breach 15+ tackles for the TD. I overlook who it was, but all the commentators could say was abundant moves... Yeah fucking right.. added like glitchy ass game. I accept no achievement they will fix the bugs. It took them til anniversary 12-14 in the division to assuredly get 18 semi-smooth... it's funny how Madden can't assume to accomplish a reliable and abiding bold in what 15-20 years?

Yet you got amateur like pubg that bulk bisected the bulk and run just as bland if not added than Madden. Additional bluehole has accurate in the endure year they in actuality accept to customers.. I abundant rather decay my money on a aggregation that in actuality listens to me. This is the endure year im affairs Madden (best place to buy Madden 19 Coins).

I'll stick to PUBG. Abandoned way I would accede affairs accession Madden, is if they absolution their fucking asphyxiate authority on the NFL bold market... afresh it would prove they are accessible for some competition. Not just agriculture us bs because that's all we can get. It's in actuality like they are saying, accord your money, yield this bits and be animated we are even giving you anything.