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Jul-11-2018 Categories: news

The Ratings guy fucked up the Run Blocking of every bound end endure year and its accepting agitated over into Madden 19 (Madden NFL 19 Coins for sale). He has no clue what he is doing. Just go attending at the blocking stats of any bound end.

All starting TEs run blocking were nerfed endure year cus the ratings guy had no clue what he was doing.

They didn't acclimatize the advancement TEs run blocking so now the best blocking TEs are backups even if they aren't acceptable run blockers in complete activity except if they are a big name in complete life.

For example, Charles Clay and Nick O leary of the coinss are both acceptable blockers in complete activity with O leary accepting the best on the team. Charles Clay is accepted for accepting acceptable but not abundant at everything.

In Madden O'Leary has 54 run blocking and Charles Clay has 60 run blocking. The aback up bound end Logan Thomas who is a adapted QuarterBack has 75 Run Blocking and the added Receiving TE has 73.

Even fucking MUT has a bigger aggregation for their ratings and I'm appealing abiding it's added than one guy. Nick O'leary had 80+ run blocking with a 76 all-embracing in mut.

You even accept acute cases breadth Mercedes Lewis blocks bigger than 90% of all starting abhorrent lineman with 86 run block.

Honestly if it just reflected address I would be air-conditioned with it but Backbone plays such a baby role in run blocking due to EA accepting lazy.

Every Tightend needs their run blocking stats to be looked at. A lot of of them block as able-bodied as a WR which defeats the purpose of a bound end.

I've in fact never apparent a antecedent adage it's ALL one guy. I've listened to a podcast breadth the ratings guy uses the pronoun “we” if discussing ratings.

If annihilation he's in allegation in a accumulated faculty and gets the final say on everything, but the rumor that he's in fact the alone one accomplishing them has gotten destroyed a little outta admeasurement IMO.

Most humans would prolly altercate it's adapted cuz he's affectionate of a dick head, but I anticipate it's important to see the distinction.

How is it destroyed out of proportion? He can acutely accomplish any controlling accommodation he wants for ratings. If he can't, afresh the accomplished aggregation is abounding with cowboys fans.