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Aug-02-2018 Categories: news

First off, Madden on PC is amazing. I'm animated I went advanced and subscribed to Origin Admission to play it early. It plays great, runs abundant added bland than endure year on PS4, and animate Mods may appear in the future; It was a no brainer to stick with the PC version(Madden NFL 19 Coins PC).

BUT there is one tiny affair that is artlessly bugging me... The army in this bold gets loud. Louder than in any Madden I bethink playing, which is great! Though, if the army starts to get loud (after a big play, for example.) the audio of them starts to crackle!

Like, that changeless babble you get from axis on an old CRT television with annihilation acquainted in. Its not loud, apperception you, it just seems to be in the backround if the army starts roaring. I was just apprehensive if anyone came above this issue, even if the added platforms are affected.

And humans accept already acquaint about some of the issues I accept listed, but not all. I'm absorbed in audition what's traveling on on your ends, if there is annihilation account mentioning.

- White pixels blinking in and out of actuality on skin. I didn't apprehension these until I started arena Longshot. It's like the lighting is behaving weird.

- Severe pixelation on the helmet masks. I see these white jaggies on them even admitting I'm at max settings.

- Washed out colors. Just looks darker in general. (Seen added humans column about this issue)

Note: In arch to head, at the end of the game, it will not let me avenue out. It makes me delay through all the corruption replays.

- FPS tanks sometimes if the camera is searching over the acreage amid plays or during the alpha accession at the alpha of the game.

- Anybody runs apathetic as hell. Hardly looks like how a complete football bout plays out unless I crank the acceleration in options.