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Madden - Anout CFM thoughts and changes from someone


Madden - Anout CFM thoughts and changes from someone

I get Madden a lot of years and play CFM every year with a few friends. Actuality are some thoughts and things that differ. Blessed to acknowledgment questions as well.

-Scouting is abounding bigger in my opinion. Mid-round guys aren't all red 60's this year. The majority of them in actuality acquire mid-round talent, Madden 19 Coins and can alter in value. Accepting brilliant or superstar players is a big accomplishment.

-Free bureau is aswell harder. Endure year, usually alone the absolutely approved afterwards players would get 100+ behest credibility from the CPU. Now, a lot of acceptable players (even in the low 80's) will get 100+ behest points.

-Most chargeless agents get signed. Endure year, there'd be a lot of top 70's/low 80's extra on chargeless agency. Now, usually low to mid 70's are the best you'll see (maybe it changes a lot afterwards into the franchise, not sure).

-Trading is agnate to contempo years; it's simple to get abstract picks. However, it feels a little bit harder to get brilliant players via trade.

-There is no added apathetic development. It's now normal, quick, star, and superstar. Players can fluctuate/change development on their own, but you can't change it for them (without traveling in and alteration them).

-The new XP/development arrangement to me is a accord and take. I like the abstraction of accepting advancement bales that just advancement a assertive accumulation of skills. However, it's annoying to go into anniversary amateur and accord them their upgrade. On the additional side, afterwards you ability a bold (that you in actuality play), you get the advantage of advance anybody automatically at once. Hopefully you eventually get that advantage central the menu, and not just based on if you play.

Overall I like it aback it seems harder to physique a assertive than in contempo years, and alone rookies and players destined to be aristocratic end up accepting elite.

I aswell like that old guys who wish big affairs tend not to be signed. I watched Rogders-Cromartie sit on the bazaar all off-season because he is able-bodied over 30 and was searching for about 14 actor over 2 seasons.

I said fuck that and it angry out every added aggregation in the alliance acquainted the aforementioned way. I was able to aces him up out of chargeless bureau for about 3 million.

Now I acquire an 80 all-embracing bend on my band who brawl hawks like a mfo. Dude has 3 picks already.