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​Madden 20 - Why does EA about advisedly avoid Authorization mode

news Sep-05-2019

​Madden 20 - Why does EA about advisedly avoid Authorization mode

First and foremost, MUT is trash. That's not up for debate. EA depression its efforts into UT, MUT 20 Coins and coincidently the acceleration of UT has coincided with the abatement of franchise.

So I abhorrence UT for that. Aswell microtransactions are cancer.

It seems every year we as a association about get on our knees and beg for a authorization brace and NEVER get it.

They affirmation abacus in these little argument conversations is new if 2k has had that for years now in their abounding modes (MyCareer, MyGm, MyLeague, etc).

The all-embracing authorization acquaintance is stale. Its been the aforementioned affair for years now.

1, Why do we affliction about Scouts and Trainers over OC and DC? Like who tf anticipation THAT was added important!? Aswell why deceit we advancement the added associates of your agents added than the coach? NCAA 14, a bold that's about

7 years old, had complete advancement copse for your accomplished staff!

2, Why deceit we go aback and attending at antecedent years stats?

3, The alteration and body new stadiums has actually been the exact aforementioned affair for like 5 years now.

4, The Abstract and aloof action is unchanged. Like cut and adhesive for years now.

Really I could go on all day.

Can you guys anticipate of annihilation abroad that needs afterlight in Franchise?