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​Madden 20 - Unsung heroes thread

news Oct-09-2019

​Madden 20 - Unsung heroes thread

I'm apathetic so let's allocution about our precious stones in the rough. Guys we've best up from addition convenance band because we admired his stats or just a advancement from FA that stepped up due to an abrasion and just balled out for you. I'm talking no name bodies that absolutely exist, not drafted gems.

For example, shoutout to Rico Gafford, Tigie Sankoh, Ulysses Gilbert III, and FS Josh mother fucking Jones. I apparent Rico by analytic by speed. Dude is crazy fast and I was already able to addition his acceleration from 96 to 98. He was uncoverable in the aperture afterwards year 3 already his RR and Catch stats got a buff.

Same authorization I got Tigie Sankoh to Brilliant dev by anniversary 6 of year 1. I concluded up drafting a bigger SS but Tigie was the best advancement I could acquire anytime asked for MUT 20 Coins. He consistently begin his way to he brawl even if he alone played a scattering of plays.

And he's the youngest amateur in the league. He's 20 with a year acquaintance in the game. Its insane.

Another authorization had me beggared for LB abyss and Ulysses can play all three LB positions in a 4-3 and best up 100 tackles every year he started in assorted franchises. I already got him to Superstar dev by year 3. Just an all about solid player.

And lastly, Josh mother fuckin Jones. I best him up in my Cowboys franchise. As a Cowboys fan, I consistently do one continued authorization with the Boys while I fuck about with added authorization gimmicks. But the Cowboys authorization is consistently my "realistic" football simulation. I best Jones up because Jeff Heath is abominable in Anger because Anger can't quantify affection and accomplishment lol.

So alive the Cowboys formed out Jones, I went afterwards him because he's got nice stats. Dude has balled the fuck out. He didnt alpha until anniversary 5. He accomplished year 1 third on the aggregation in sacks and additional in INTs.

He aswell had 4 affected fumbles, had a TD, and fabricated the Pro Bowl for the addition to Brilliant dev.

Through 5 weeks of year 2 he is additional on the aggregation in sacks and INTs and has 2 TDs already. He's become my capital user on defense. If you adore usering a assurance and allegation a annual guy to develop, go get Josh mother fucking Jones.

I attending advanced to audition some of the guys y'all acquire begin to develop.