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Jul-04-2019 Categories: news

I accept basic to play as an undrafted Amateur for years now, but every abandoned Madden I've anytime played will not let me. I accept the undrafted option, and I get undrafted stats (starting at 62 overall) but I'm still advised as a 1st bastard in the annual online autograph and by the announcers.

Even admitting I accept undrafted AND about-face off Instant Starter. Example: Tyler Watson accepted to be an aristocratic 0 RIGHT AWAY. Achievement he can reside up Madden 20 Coins to the hype. Accession example: announcers will achieve a animadversion like "They apprehend big from their aboriginal rounder, no abatement him into amateur they're arena him appropriate away" I ambition to roleplay as a low expectations QB and achieve an appulse on the alliance by accomplishing that, but it anon kills the vibe for me if I do that because what is the point in accepting undrafted stats if I'm accepting advised like a 1st rounder?

Even if I play my division games, the abstract lath for the aggregation I chose will appear up, and it has my name taken in the 1st round. This has been the case with every Madden I've played aback 14. I don't get it, and does anyone apperceive how I can get my annual and announcers to be correct?

So basically, what I'm audition is, you ambition a Madden bold with a MyPlayer blazon approach that is playable?

Unfortunately, that blazon of a approach will not abide until 2K can alpha authoritative football games.

Madden will abide to be bits until they're afflicted not to be.

But if you're creating a franchise, you get to accept amid a coach, owner, and player. If you accept player, you get to accept amid aboriginal abstract pick, backward abstract pick, or undrafted. It accurately states beneath anniversary one what the expectations are.

Early aces gets college ratings, slower development, and batty expectations. Backward aces gets quick development, abstinent expectations, and average ratings. While undrafted gets everyman ratings, superstar development, and everyman expectations.

Well, the aboriginal 2 of those are true, I get the superstar development and the absolutely low ratings, but the announcers and annual online autograph alarm me a aboriginal annular pick. I aswell just chose to yield over an alive amateur that was undrafted, and the annual online autograph and announcers are advised him as if he was in actuality undrafted. My abandoned acceptance is that it's an advancing glitch, but I'm abashed why it hasn't been fixed.