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Jul-05-2019 Categories: news

Preface: I'm in an offline authorization with my roommate. We both accept Cool Bowl ability teams. If it comes to training we accept absolutely altered ideologies.

My activity is to just do whatever the bold suggests and get gold so I never do it again.

Roommate will do the aforementioned training on breach and aegis every anniversary because he wants assertive groups to get added XP and he hates the arresting drills.

Results: We both just do key moments the majority of the time. He is consistently ashore on SuperSim by teams with a abundant worse almanac to area he has to go in and try to save the day.

I'm talking he will bandy assorted interceptions and get sacked 5+ times. If I SuperSim it goes well. Every abandoned time.

I either get a blast my way or play a bound bold area it feels the key moments I played in actuality impacted it. He did the appropriate training afore the endure bold he played and it played out like my amateur usually do.

Has anyone abroad accomplished something like this or is it just the bold continuing to spiral with our heads?