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​Madden 20 - Some questions about M20

news Nov-19-2019

​Madden 20 - Some questions about M20

First anniversary arena Madden 20 - I've got some questions. Some of these are questions I've consistently had about Madden, but a lot of are specific to 20.

For reference, I about alone play (offline-team) Franchise mode.

- Broad question: what is the best use of sliders in your assessment (to accomplish the bold as astute as possible)

- Along those lines, is it me or is the fatigue in the bold absolute BS. Players assume to be beat afterwards 3 plays

- I've noticed a change in the throwing motions this year (for the better), but are the releases decidedly slower?

- Is there a way to not bollix 7 times per game?

- What were the bigger improvements to this year's bold (I apparently haven't arrested them all out yet)

- Overall, how would YOU amount the game? Was it account spending the $60 on this year?