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Madden 20 - MCF invites 36hr All Madden league

news Oct-18-2019

Madden 20 - MCF invites 36hr All Madden league

Looking for some committed accomplished Xbox amateur to accompany our new 8 Man league.

Annual banknote prizes for Alliance Awards!

At the end of this Madden abundance anybody will be acceptable to win a allotment of $100 in Microsoft allowance codes!

How do you win?

($10)Community architect - This goes to the being that contributes the a lot of Madden NFL 20 Coins to the blossom of the alliance (participation in the group, abacus superior new members, and about abacus amount to the group’s culture).

($10) A lot of approved division wins all-embracing - you’ll accept to be a new drillmaster so wins can be tallied (if you retire and bandy teams you accept to bulletin me a pic of your stats above-mentioned to backward so I can accumulate track).

($10 x 3 winners) Committed - Players who participate in all alliance activities (preseason/regular season/post seasons).

($25 x 2) A lot of Rings - the players with the top two accomplished bulk of championships will get the a cut of $50 of Microsoft credits. (If there is a tie the user with the accomplished CURRENT bequest annual will win out. Winning afterwards jumping teams is a plus).

Note: Users are accountable to disqualifications if they are begin to accept abandoned alliance rules.

Rules can be begin on our FB accumulation "Madden 20 The Gauntlet".