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​Madden 20 - Madden NFL 20 MUST Haves

news Jun-09-2019

​Madden 20 - Madden NFL 20 MUST Haves

With Madden 20 appropriate about the corner, EA has a lot of burden on them. This is one of their endure years to prove to admirers that they will try to accomplish a acceptable football game. These are some of the things that should be added to Madden 20 if they haven't been already.

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- Bigger Receiver awareness. Sometimes a WR or TE will let a brawl go appropriate accomplished them afterwards even aggravating to bolt the ball. It would be all the abundant bigger if they could at atomic ability instead of just analytic agape at the brawl as it soars to the ground.

- Added absorption to injuries. If anyone gets afflicted in Madden 20, you sometimes don't even apperceive it unless you pay absorption to the bar beyond the top of the screen. There needs to be added annotation on the injuries. Even accepting a affection such as bringing a stretcher out to the acreage would add that abundant realism.

- Beneath micro transactions. (Seriously EA you accept abundant money)

- Actualize a team. In 2K (I'll use this as allegory absolutely a bit), you can acclimate a aggregation for a authorization about any way you want. Everywhere from the logo, to the city, to uniforms, and even the amphitheatre sounds. Madden needs a affection like this in Madden 20.

- Bigger simulations. If you accept a 68 ovr aggregation in CF mode, you can go 8-8, which makes no sense. That aggregation is worse than the 2017 Cleveland Browns (very bad), appropriately should go 2-14 at best. Also, if you accept a 93 ovr aggregation you can aswell go 8-8. Sims are just abhorrent in Madden 19 and charge to be fixed.

- Bigger carbon tracking. The career stats are so abundantly inaccurate in Madden. It's like EA put in accidental numbers and alleged it good. It's bottomless .

- Added staff. In NBA 2K GM Mode, you accept six agents members. CFO, Assistant GM, Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Scout, and Trainer. In Madden... Coach, scout, trainer. No OC or DC. There needs to be those to affect the teams success

- Bigger “shows” Again, in 2K, admirers adore Shaq talking about BBQ craven in the Pre, Halftime, and column bold shows. Madden abandoned has a abrupt halftime show. There needs to be body up to the games. There needs to be a epitomize to adore all the big plays and agitative moments. This is a big Missing affection in Madden.

- Customizable faces. There's been a missing affection in Madden to accomplish a amateur attending absolutely like you. You accept a few preset faces, and some of them you just don't wish to choose.

- Bigger blocking: Sometimes your abhorrent band and even fullback can't block for a second. Even if you accept an aloft boilerplate abhorrent line. This needs to be fixed.

- Smoother gameplay and animations. Do I absolutely charge to say more? For those who said yes, do you even play Madden? Aggregate from the glitchy tackles, to the communicable animations, even as little as the animations breadth the O-line moves up to their positions afterwards you aces a play. (It's actual choppy)

- Bigger AI. The AI makes actual impaired moves. Ex) The a lot of accessible and common, the RB. This one ability infuriate me the a lot of as I am a carbon alarmist and specific stats matter. If you accept a QB, WR, or TE career, active the brawl in basically absurd unless you accept Zeke, Gurley, Saquon, or addition gem of a RB.

- Nerf the spin. Charge I say more?

This time I'm not.

- Astute kicking. Kickers absence all the time in the. NFL. Yield Cody Parkey as an example. (Sorry Bears fans) Kickers in Madden just don't mis unless it's from 50+ yards. Yield Adam Vinatieri for addition example. In the AFC bounded adjoin the Chiefs, Vinatieri absent a 23 backyard FG and an added point. This never happens in Madden, none the beneath in the aforementioned bold (given that this was acutely attenuate even in absolute life)

Let me apperceive if there are any added to add as I will a lot of acceptable acclimate this column to accumulate it updated.