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​Madden 20 - Madden doesnt accredit abstract picks correctly

news Nov-06-2019

​Madden 20 - Madden doesnt accredit abstract picks correctly

I've been aggravating to amount out how Madden assigns abstract picks for teams of the aforementioned record. It should go by backbone of schedule.

So whomever has the easier agenda would get the bigger aces amid two angry teams.

However, afterwards alive about 5 apish authorization years, this is not the case. It seems there is no beat or acumen as to how these abstract picks are assigned.

I had three teams all of which didnt play anniversary added and went 3 and 13. The Bengals opponents had a accumulated 141 wins, the Buccs a accumulated 131.5 wins, and the 49ers a combines 117 wins.

The adjustment should be:

Pick 1.) 49ers

Pick 2.) Buccs

Pick 3.) Bengals

But it is Bengals first, buccs second, 49ers third.

So I anticipation "Okay able-bodied maybe for some acumen its whoever has the hardest schedule" So I simmed addition year.

I had 3 teams who went 4 and 12. The Jets accumulated wins were 126.5, the Browns accumulated wins were 132, and the Falcons accumulated wins were 138.

This time the abstract adjustment went:

1.) Browns

2.) Jets

3.) Falcons

The Falcons played and absent to the Jets in the approved seasom of MUT 20 Coins but this shouldnt amount as it should be off backbone of schedule.

I kept accepting altered after-effects anniversary time I simmed.

Can anyone amuse accord me an account to how Madden assigns abstract order?