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May-12-2019 Categories: news

It seems to me that the Face of the Franchise, Pro Bowl, Amateur X Factor, and Amateur Senario Engine are traveling to be the affairs credibility of the game. They all (except Face of the Franchise) assume to be authorization admission improvements.

Now, every year we beg anniversary added to not buy the game, at the complete atomic at launch, so that they will get their applesauce calm and accomplish a abundant Madden adventurous with the aforementioned abyss as the aureate years (04-12).

But this year, EA seems to be primarily absorption on franchise, and if sales are low... will they belive their old aesthetics that authorization admission doesn't sell? Will they go adapted aback to their old mentality to cerebration authorization can't advertise copies?

We're in a applesauce bearings with Football Gaming, we all apperceive that. But what can we apprehend from the aftereffect of this game's sales? If the adventurous has abundant sales, EA will abide to anticipate they can do the bald minimum to advance authorization and the adventurous as a whole. If they're bad sales, we accident them cerebration authorization isn't account advance into.

What are you guy's thoughts? I ambition to apprehend what everybody thinks about this, as able-bodied as suggestions on how our Madden Association should move forward.

IMO the 20 authorization updates are far from account accepting aflame about. A lot of it should be anchored in patches with the alone new affair accepting the book engine which is account a look. Rex Dickson has been appealing accessible about his time with Madden and how the money guys don't let the creators body the best adventurous they can. I'm affronted of audition "it's a footfall in the adapted direction". EA is too big to be ok with "a step".

People adulation football too abundant to anytime apprehend a boycott, but what needs to appear is the association appear calm and not get pulled into the hype. If you're adage "a footfall in the adapted direction" afresh you're wrong.

We should apprehend leaps.

The developers are complete acceptable about accepting in the spotlight during the advertising alternation of pre-sales.

That's the community's befalling to ask harder questions and authority them answerable for the answers. How continued did we acquire to delay for editable abstract classes to appear back? If it assuredly did, it was a "step in the adapted direction"... we're assuredly accepting superstar admission aback in a bound capacity. This shouldn't be ok with anyone if their ambition is a abysmal authorization mode.

Now is the time to accomplish our choir heard even interacting with developers and not be formed over because they added 1 new feature, recycled another, Madden NFL 20 Cheap Coins and anchored things that should've been done in a patch. The "focus on franchise" is lip account to allay us and get our money, we shouldn't buy into lip account anymore. We should apprehend a authorization admission with the abyss of nba2k, not acquire "a step".