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Madden 20 - Madden Admirers Are Mentally Disabled

news Dec-01-2019

Madden 20 - Madden Admirers Are Mentally Disabled

EA Devs Clearly Anticipate Madden Admirers Are Mentally Disabled... We all apperceive the Madden Formula:

1, Introduce affection players love.

2, Abolish said affection in the next installment.

3, Wait a few years and arouse it as cast new feature.

4, Repeat.

But now, as i'm account up on why assertive things aren't in game, it's candidly fabricated me furious.

EA Devs said aperture guards aren't in b/c the TECHNOLOGY DOESN'T EXIST to add them w/ face scans? Are you fucking serious. Ignoring the actuality that in actuality abundant earlier beneath able console's had items like this, I'd rather them say no animadversion or we didn't acquire time to cover it or some bs. These pos absolutely anticipate we abandoned play madden, like we don't see added amateur blame the animate to its complete while they themselves about absolve this bold even accepting on next gen systems.

It's not like the cartoon are so next akin that i can absolve this. Compare admirable amateur like Arkham Knight, Endure Guardian, etc. and it's bland. Graphic's are no alibi aback they in actuality accomplish the a lot of minimalist advance every year.

That's like if they said they don't acquire technology for alone helmets during pro basin even admitting they in actuality had this in Madden 2001. So i can abandoned achieve that the Ps2 is stronger than the Ps4.

Say what you will about 2k but their (micro affairs and all) but they pay absorption to little data and excel in bold play and cheap Madden NFL 20 Coins presentation so i can absolve 1 or 2 bad installments b/c of their clue record. Madden hasn't had a acceptable bold aback 05 (maybe 08). And i'm not a 2k loyalist either, i in actuality anticipate abreast from presentation Madden 05 was bigger than ESPN 2k5.

Madden bold dev's acquire the easiest job on the planet. They in actuality put out an upgraded bold every year w/o the charge to accomplish any complete changes. I'm assertive they are on vacation a lot of the time. This blazon of artefact should be actionable to put out. I feel like annual releases should acquire some array of accepted for advance for them to accurately be able to advertise it for $60. If this is all they are traveling to do every year than accomplish the bold $20 aback you put bald minimum effort.

Honestly, i'm at the point were i don't even affliction anymore. Apparently done w/ this series. Just to acerb on it to even adore it.

Thank you for accessory my ted talk.