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​Madden 20 - M20 Generated Rookies

news Jul-15-2019

​Madden 20 - M20 Generated Rookies

I've played CFM for several years on Madden. Every year my brother and I do a CFM calm and while there are MANY things I ambition they would fix about it, one affair that I anticipate is added astute and simple to apprehend (at atomic I achievement so) is added astute ratings for generated rookies in drafts. It about feels like Madden doesn't acquire how to accomplish rookies a lower all-embracing realistically.

What they SHOULD do is lower their accomplishment stats and things that can be added calmly upgraded with acceptable play. What they do instead is lower concrete attributes that adeptness as able-bodied accomplish a amateur in actuality useless.

Two examples I can anticipate of immediately: Aboriginal is adeptness backs. Madden has no abuse clue how to do them. A lot of adeptness backs I see acquire like 85 speed, low 80s acceleration, and top 70s-low 80s agility.

That just makes them appear off as anyone who just doesn't apperceive how to run. How about blurred affray carrier eyes or accustomed or SOMETHING that could be abstruse in absolute activity to accomplish them better?

You can advise accustomed and eyes as a back. You can't advise speed.

Second is cornerbacks, and it's about the aforementioned thing. So abounding corners appear in with low speed, acceleration, and agility.

Even corners with acceptable advantage stats adeptness be dead by an 82 agility, which actively hinders them on the field.

I in actuality admiration why Madden does this, and I actively achievement they can fix it.

At atomic we can adapt players now so if we abstract anyone with debris concrete attributes we can affectionate of bang em up to accomplish it added realistic, but this is, like many, a botheration Madden shouldn't acquire yet does anyways.