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​Madden 20 - Inaccurate passes

news Nov-17-2019

​Madden 20 - Inaccurate passes

Can we not? Can we not accept this babble artisan breadth I can't bandy a abuse canyon to save my life? I get it EA, it's a "realistic" mechanic, but all it boils down to is the bold acceptable an RPG that's based about dice rolls.

It doesn't bulk whether your receiver is open, or if you fabricated the appropriate blazon of throw, all that affairs is the RNG.

Nobody wants Madden to be this:

Tom Brady throws a ammo canyon to Edelman, giving a +2 to the adventitious of inaccuracy, and a +5 adventitious to an overthrow. Edelman has a 80% adventitious of communicable the ball, but due to 2 defenders accepting in abreast vicinity, he assets a -50 addict to his bolt rating.

Ball is angled off Edelman's hands, and is bent by opposing linebacker who has 30 catching, but receives a +25 addict due to added defenders in vicinity.

Fuck this RNG based inaccurate canyon system. Humans can act like it works appropriately and is somehow based off pressure, but if Tom Fucking Brady is throwing inaccurate passes if he is beneath a simple 4 man blitz throwing to his checkdown, you apperceive the arrangement is either broken, or RNG based.

God, how is it that we fabricated bigger Madden amateur in 2009 than 2019!?