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​Madden 20 - I present: a workaround

news Nov-27-2019

​Madden 20 - I present: a workaround

For those of you balked with how claiming works/doesn't work, I present: a workaround.

So, you're agitated that you can't claiming a alarm on the field? Nickle for every time we've all been there, huh? We'd accept added than abundant nickels to ample socks with so we could exhausted EA senseless. But abundant about bloodthirsty tendencies, let's get aback to the botheration at hand.

The in bold refs ashore accurate to absolute activity and in actuality flubbed the call. (At atomic something is astute amirite?) You go to challenge, and it's greyed out. Whether it's because you're in the two minute admonishing or because the bold just will not let you, here's what you do:

- Pause the bold anon afterwards the play.

- Select replay.

- Pretend you're the ref and analysis it yourself.

- From assorted angles, assorted perspectives, alternating the camera, zooming in, and absorb a few annual searching the play over.

- Exit epitomize and unpause the game.

- (Important) Do not abide arena appropriate away, it may yield a few abnormal to trigger.

But if you did it right, you'll activate a berth review. Added generally than not, this works for me if I can't challenge. Even central of the two minute warning. I've had calls reversed, touchdowns awarded, and more MUT 20 Coins. Funny affair is, accomplishing it this way has alternate added calls in my favor than just absolute arduous (when it let me).

Yes, it shouldn't accept to be done this way. Yes, I accede it's impaired to accept to do it like this. But it is what it is, and we gotta amount out how to accord with it. That's what I'm accomplishing here.