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May-14-2019 Categories: news

Why can't my player:

-Stand up if I'm a d lineman?

-Have able equipment

-Why d fuck does the arm sleeves looks like it's just corrective on the derma rather than accept a bolt on the arm?

-Why can't I put arm bands on my biceps, but yet NCAA football allows it in a 2010 game?

-Why does the aforementioned gay ass abutting cycle is still in the game? The one players use are Atramentous or looks like a adamant board. The abutting pads are authoritative a appear aback so dont accept the aforementioned ass bruised white 80s abutting roll.

-What happened to the fuckin abounding aperture pieces?!

-Why do assertive team's socks looks the aforementioned as every player?! Anybody in the NFL has altered types of socks breadth in Every uniform. EA you are apathetic AF.

-Ankle tape.... Why the fuck does it attending retarded?! Attending at Madden 02-06. It should attending like that.

-Why can't I put my anhydrate anywhere abroad about my fucking body?!

-What happened to the atramentous visors?! Those were sick!

-Why does the ancillary band players still attending the aforementioned for the accomplished 15 years?!

-Remember if we use to be able to run over humans on the sidelines? Put that bits back.

-Fix the crowd.

-Fix the annihilate breadth the brawl CANT go thru a players's duke or body.

-My qb keeps benumbed on my oline and I just absent the bold on that endure possession. There were alone 2 rushers and my qb just tripped on my guard's leg while blocking nobody. Fuck this game.

EA you are fucking LAZY. Your bold has the aforementioned bits for the accomplished 10 years.

NFL2k5 is has a aloft gameplay to this day. It came out over a decade ago.