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​Madden 20 - How EA broke a 6 year franchise

news Sep-06-2019

​Madden 20 - How EA broke a 6 year franchise

As the appellation says, this is our 6th year animate our online franchise. The amazing affair about it is that we've had a abiding surplus of animate users and absurd Daddyleagues top 20 franchises 3 times aback its release.

We accept a acclimatized aggregation of admins that accept consistently remained fair a and implimented a set of rules to carbon SIM play aural aggressive parameters.

We've crowned 20 SB champs. But the coolest affair is that we do a already a year Fantasy Abstract roster.

It's a grueling/rewarding 8 hour event.

We about adjournment until 3 weeks afterwards the absolution date because, as a lot of amateur go, allegation some time to tweak, adjust, and actual programming.

But from what I accept to accept is MUT and the arrival of money from microtransactions that appear with it, EA is apprenticed to accept a added aboriginal absolution than the accomplished years. M16 -Aug 25 M17 -Aug 23 M18 -Aug 25 M19 -Aug 10 M20 -Aug 02 M21 drops mid July next year, calling it.

But the affair isnt the absolution date. It's the actuality that they chose to absolution an u accomplished artefact to allay the admirers and sacrificed superior to the rest.

The x-factor and Superstar abilities for abhorrent linemen, and Kick Returners came so backward that even afterwards our alliance waited 3 weeks to start, the amend alone that broke an complete alliance draft.

We could not adapt the complete authorization with new abilities, we were ashore with the defended protector as the abandoned O-Line option.

As declared above, our admin aggregation looked at the options.

Re-draft, or re-make.

I forth with the added admins created a custom agenda and 1 by 1 added anniversary and every amateur to the 53 man agenda of anniversary team.

Update roster, save roster, upload agenda to community. Addition admin downloads roster, and repeat.

It took us 5 canicule to accommodate aggregate because anybody works. It was terrible, boring, and we jumped through hoops with Cap Space, and injuries.

Finally we finished, and we could use the teams we drafted. Afresh EA alone the KR update. And we accept had several humans at this point adage that because of the adjournment they were searching for added leagues. New users arent air-conditioned big on having just absent a abstract accepted to endure 5-6 seasons.

So acknowledgment EA. We're gonna accept to alpha over. Arrange 32 humans to be accessible for a 8h abstract to accumulate our animate accepted and alliance superior alive.

But animated you got that Mut up and running, squads is dope.

Figure it out, there's no way the bold was accepting fabricated with xfactor and abilities and if it came time for linemen the defended protector was the abandoned one.

Give the advantage to about-face abilities on and off MUT 20 Coins, and it would accomplish everyone's lives easier for CFM.

But hey, we dont pay for CFM so you do you.