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​Madden 20 - Allegation advice with run defense

news Aug-23-2019

​Madden 20 - Allegation advice with run defense

Hey, so i'm mostly a 2k amateur and i've never played Madden a lot but i absitively to aces up Madden 20 as something to do until 2k20 comes out atleast, and i've been mostly arena h2h afore aggravating something like MUT and i acquire a few questions.

1, How do i/can i accommodate run spammers/run-heavy people? I've atleast had to accord with humans application zeke, kamara, and gurley like 6 times and they do annihilation but this all game, it takes me out my bold could cause it's accepting annoying to accord with. What are some acceptable defenses to use to adverse this?

2, What are some acceptable playbooks to use/to learn? I've been mostly application cardinals but i feel like it's too simplistic and simple to stop, maybe i'm just bad with it. It's like every play i run out of the playbook is consistently simple to stop, either that or my guys run the affliction routes, either that or i get sacked could cause the play takes too continued to develop.

3, What are some acceptable teams to apprentice the bold with? i've been application the colts mostly. I debris to use the cowboys could cause i feel like i'll never absolutely apprentice the bold by just spamming with zeke all day, i don't affliction about acceptable i'd abundant rather adore the bold and apprentice aback i will not be arena Madden full-time.