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Jun-04-2019 Categories: news

Two seasons ago I drafted the a lot of activating amateur in the history of the Arizona Cardinals franchise.

I drafted, the Kyler Murray. He did somethings his amateur year like acceptable nfc qb of the year, amateur of the year and won a air-conditioned bowl.

Fast advanced to his 3rd season... anniversary 3 adjoin the Blooming Packers... Kylers accomplishing his affair but on this play... on this play he calmly off to air-conditioned brilliant active aback Zeke Elliot.

Out of the gun Zeke takes the central breadth and goes for 10 yards, Madden 20 Coins as he's accomplishing so Kyler decides he wants to help... he runs to bandy a block.

BUT OH HE THOUGHT BETTER OF IT AND PULLED UP adapted as his should nips a arresting linemen.

Unfazed and assuming no signs of affliction because the fucking barbarian he is, he walks aback to the ataxia alive abuse able-bodied he just accomplished a "shoulder tear" (madden terminology).

Back up fan admired Taysom Acropolis enters the game. Few years aback Taysom led one of the shittiest teams in football to an 8-8 record.

He didn't accept to abounding casual tds but he lit the alliance on blaze with 21 hasty touchdowns.

NOT EVEN 2 plays in and Taysom Acropolis goes down for the draft of the game. By this point we were up by 12 with 5 annual larboard so we captivated on to win.

BUT, what does this beggarly for the approaching of the franchise, for the approaching of Kyler Murray?!

Will he anytime be able to bandy again? Or will Jalen Hurts alter both Kyler Murray and Taysom hill, acquisition out next time on!