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​Madden 20 - 3 agency to instantly advance authorization experience

news Sep-15-2019

​Madden 20 - 3 agency to instantly advance authorization experience

1, Either accolade added XP for college dev players, or accord a slider that allows us to calibration it. If I abstract a superstar OL like Quinton Nelson for example, I wish him to be able to be ascendant in his aboriginal season. As it stands now, if my OL is traveling to be dominant, he's added acceptable to yield until year three. The way to fix it is to calibration up OL XP sliders, but I don't wish every OL to be college OVR, just those with acceptable dev.

2, Accomplish Dev increases/decreases (if you can put decreases aback in the game) point abased rather than rank dependent. For example, for abhorrent players, every backyard acquired or absent is annual x bulk of points. If, cheapest MUT 20 Coins at the end of your season, your amateur has accomplished y bulk of points, or has bootless to ability z bulk of points, his dev either increases or decreases. If Kyler Murray throws for alone 2000 yards but aswell rushes for 2000 yards in a season, his dev doesn't increase, at atomic based on my compassionate of the accepted system.

3, Calibration XP bare to accretion a accomplishment point with years in the league, not amateur age. It is a awfully above action to abstract players that are alone 21 years old. I accede 23 year olds draftable alone if they are an complete beast, and I will never abstract a 24 year old player. But there are affluence of players that were 23 if they entered the alliance that angry out to be abundant players. The accepted xp arrangement doesn't acquiesce for that, because 21 year olds advance abundant faster and for a abundant best time.


1, Get rid of the position bound XP gain. I adulation the accidental progression aspect that was implemented, but I abhorrence the way account training is set up. If I abstract a abundant lineman, linebacker, and DB, I cannot accompanying alternation all of them, which bureau I am punished for drafting well. This botheration is abnormally arresting on offense, aback you can alone alternation 2 of 6 accessible positions as against to the defenses 2 of 3.

2, Accomplish the account training faster. The a lot of infuriating affair for me is active the awning 1 trainer, user the MLB, afresh accident gold because of my bend accepting austere on a abysmal comeback. I played my allotment correctly, I did what the trainer capital me to do. Accord me acclaim for it so that I don't accept to absorb the aboriginal bisected hour or added of my authorization aggravating to complete the account trainings.

3, Get all or a lot of of the amateur likenesses in the game. I'm not a huge cartoon guy. As continued as the bold looks adequate but plays well, I'm still traveling to accept a acceptable time. But really, at this point this is just unforgivable. How has it taken two iterations of this bold area players that accept been in the alliance for assorted years still accept all-encompassing faces? Honestly, EA should feel ashamed about this.

4, Accomplish all dev ancestry hidden. A lot of teams in the alliance don't apperceive they've drafted a dud until assorted amateur in or even assorted seasons. Look at Jameis Winston or Trent Richardson as examples. If I abstract a 68 ovr WR with a hidden dev trait, you can be abiding I'm traveling to alpha him, even if it bureau I'm benching a bigger amateur with accustomed dev. Plus, you accept the adapt amateur action already, so humans that don't like this about-face accept a way about it.

5, Accomplish acceptable annual awards annual an automated accomplishment point rather than an automated bulk of XP. This makes acceptable an accolade added advantageous because your amateur is affirmed to advance from acceptable the award.