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Some things they could accept (or accept back) in the game:

#1 Play maker (not just playbooks)

Aces from any abhorrent or arresting formation

Edit routes and blocking - You should be able to accomplish something they did not absorb into Madden Head Coach: alteration the avenue for ballcarriers on run plays

Insert these plays into complete playbooks afterwards accepting to actualize a accomplished new one

#2 Added plays

FL Reverse (I Anatomy run) [toss larboard to HB who tosses adapted to WR]

Flea Flicker (Singleback pass) [handoff centermost to HB who tosses aback to QB; four accessible receivers]

Hook and Ladder (Shotgun pass) [two accessible receivers; accidental larboard to A initiates Hook and Ladder play while accidental adapted to B does not]

Triple Advantage Canyon (Pistol run) [handoff adapted to HB, run larboard with QB, or canyon larboard to WR on camber route]

Philly Appropriate A (Wildcat pass) [QB starts beneath centermost but motions to abaft adapted tackle; HB handoff larboard to receiver who sweeps right; four receivers and a blocking TE]

Philly Appropriate B (Wildcat run) [starts like Philly Appropriate A but HB keeps it and runs beeline up the middle]

Philly Appropriate C (Wildcat run) [starts like Philly Appropriate B but HB pitches it larboard to WR who sweeps right]

Statue of Liberty (Pistol run) [fake awning to receiver with handoff to HB who sweeps left]

Triple Reverse (I Anatomy run) [toss larboard to FB across-the-board larboard who tosses larboard to HB across-the-board adapted who tosses adapted to WR across-the-board left]

QB Awning (Wildcat pass) [QB awning right]

Monster PA Awning (Monster pass) [fake handoff adapted to HB; WR awning right; affected WR awning larboard into slant]

Abounding Verticals (Shotgun pass) [empty aback set with 5 WRs alive fades; could acting a WR for HB if needed]

#3 Ability to aggrandize alliance and realign divisions

Up to 48 complete teams with 16 of them accepting absence amplification teams in these cities:

Brooklyn, NY

Orlando, FL

San Antonio, TX

Toronto, Canada

Edmonton, Canada

Calgary, Canada

San Jose, CA

Winnipeg, Canada

Austin, TX

Saint Louis, MO

Topeka, KS

Mobile, AL

Boise, ID

Olympia, WS

Duluth, MN

Springfield, IL

Realigning capacity would attending like it does in the NBA amateur by 2K.

And more!