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There's apparently been abounding tips and tricks for this already, I'm abiding I'm backward to the party. Bigger backward than never. I haven't apparent any like this if I was searching. I agnosticism it abandoned works like this, but this is how I achieve it work.

I know, like myself. That already your fantasy abstract aggregation is completed, you can't advice but feel that you capital a specific amateur that you just absent out by a annular or two. I'm gonna accord you a brace of tips to achieve that.

Even if the amateur is 90+ overall, superstar or star, any akin really. I've apparent that it's just as simple if you alpha with the complete aggregation constructed. Example, let say you alpha a authorization with the accepted teams, afresh you'll be able to barter easier the aboriginal year because those teams go by "tendencies". Assertive positions they like, even afterwards them accepting blooming in the absorption level.

When you do a fantasy draft, it's all befuddled out the window because you're starting from scratch. Hence why it's difficult to alpha trading appropriate afterwards the draft. Achieve sense?

Ok so aboriginal aphorism is,

1- You acquire to abominably play the complete analysis with the accepted players you draft. Because the way it goes is, "Hey we are all starting from scratch, why am I trading my best players for picks?" Which, isn't so abundant of a altercation because you would acquire drafted a appealing solid aggregation that you are acceptable with obviously.

2- BUT, you can barter abstract picks like it's nobody's business. They adulation them in any season. So what you wish to do is, of course, barter for abstract picks. You can do it on your accepted year, but I would beforehand to barter for next years picks for attainable reason. Because you'll be trading next year for those players. You'll use your abstract picks from the aboriginal year to conceivably move up the abstract (which you can calmly do, barter your aboriginal bastard and a low all-embracing player, accurately a HB. Forget it they adulation those. And maybe a 5th or so. Gotta mix and match. and you'll def get a top 10 pick).

3- What you wish to do is, try to get next years 1 aboriginal round. You wish to acquire at atomic 2 aboriginal rounders. You can do this like above, barter maybe next years 3rd and your accepted year 3rd. Maneuver about with lower all-embracing players and you should be able to cull it off. I did it several times with no issues.

4- Ok, so now that you've done all the picks trading and hopefully won your aboriginal SB title. We move on to year bulk 2 offseason. By now you would acquire done your amateur abstract etc. And now we are at pre-season. You should be searching at your picks and accepting 2 aboriginal rounders, and maybe 2 additional rounders, 1 4th or 5th etc.

5- The bigger key is, MAKE SURE they are all GREEN on the absorption bar. You can be alms an 80 all-embracing and a 78 all-embracing for a 92+ all-embracing amateur and achieve it happen. As continued as it's all blooming on the absorption level! Sometimes you don't even allegation the picks to be honest. It aswell all depends on the aggregation and what they want. Sometimes it will not appearance on the "top 5" needs. They may not appearance they wish a WR, but already you appearance them a admired WR, it ability still be blooming in interest.

Honestly, I typed a lot but this is how it consistently works for me. I was able to cull off accepting Khalil Mack and Odell Beckham in the aforementioned off analysis afterwards accepting to accord up any of my key players.

Mack accord - I gave a 76 all-embracing quick player, and 82 all-embracing WR and a aboriginal annular pick.

OBJ deal- Josh Gordon at 83 overall, and 88 all-embracing DL (Which I did because I got Mack) and a aboriginal round of Madden 19 Coins. (I had 3 aboriginal annular picks)

They were all blooming in the absorption bar. PLUS I got a 5th and 6th annular for next year draft. Not a lot on the picks but you'd be abruptness what you can about-face those into.

I got them both, and still had my complete bulk aggregation additional all my abstract picks for the accepted year.

Hopefully this helps a tiny bit.

Good luck!