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Nov-30-2018 Categories: news

I'd like your thoughts on this.

After active through both this year's and Madden 19 Coins endure year's assault I've appear to the assurance that endure year's was a bit better.

This year did accept some nice pluses... i anticipate it was easier this year to cull a agglomeration of aristocratic packs or fable packs, or whatever packs you want.

But endure year had the NTL that lasted until they appear a 99 ovr adaptation of him.

The big affair for me, is that Sanders, the big 95 ovr promo drop, not abandoned is ALREADY in the game, but aswell will be accessible via training.

Making his ultimate bulk dictated not by the aberration and adversity of accepting him, but of the TP VALUE he commands. you will acceptable abandoned charge 13000 TP to advancement to him. Authoritative his abstract blast bulk 429k at 33 bread per TP.

Powerups aswell coinsow the abstraction of bang-up cards alfresco of cards that already exist, like LT and Deion. Calvin will acceptable get a UL card, but if that agenda comes out, what happens to the red chem i put on Calvin now?

Maybe Calvin will be a footfall on the way up to calvins UL. If UL's appear out maybe they bead 80 ovr adeptness ups that you can addition with TP and accept to use the 94 calvin alternating the way as a appropriate step, but again you charge bags of TP in amid him and his closing UL.

No Red chems pre loaded on cards annihilate altered and acutely admired combinations like endure years NTL with ST.

Another fun basic of Assault endure year that was bigger but has annihilation to do with adeptness ups, I abundant adopted the adeptness to buy packs with coins alfresco of abandoned packs. endure year they offered altered backpack combinations for bread or point purchases... sad that wasn't in there this year.

Some abundant players abandoned this weekend... Clowney, Gurley, Deion, Hill. Not animadversion the absolute guys dropped. Just anticipate that the systems in abode maybe yield abroad all-embracing from promos this year.

Also anticipate promo administration should alpha acceptance 2 red chems. If deion could accept be a N/PS for classic he would absorb added value. Walter Payton would be added admired with N and E or E and AS.