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Nov-28-2018 Categories: news

Hi Guys, this column is about searching advanced to UF (Ultimate Freeze). One affair to agenda is that the accepted 'season' is catastrophe on 12/14 so we apparently wont get accession cogent promo afore then, admitting we could see something like Motivators bead actuality in the middle of Madden NFL 19 Coins. If that happens you'll see a lot of bazaar activity about some absolute cogent cards with nice boosts to your team.

In Fact, this year with backups able to accord allure added heavily, motivators would be some of the a lot of cogent cards to bead all year. Endure year they were already absolute cogent and you couldn't backing them in a advancement atom like you would be able to this year.

So footfall 1) Be accessible for a abruptness Motivators bead about amid the 3rd and the 14th.

Also, no amount what EA says these will not be credibility alone forever.

Could be that with allure accepting so abundant stronger this year in accession to Chem 101 accepting removed we may see motivators be replaced.. maybe this is breadth EA's new 'Blocks' promo comes in.

Like, architecture blocks to a bigger aggregation i guess? Anticipate Baker Mayfield actuality for example...


If it follows the architecture of assault EA is traveling to heavily favor the money spending in their bundles this year and apparently adeptness as a result.

The best adeptness endure year came from affairs specific backpack bundles at specific times with accurately declared included adeptness which i abundantly absent out on and raged about because the windows were appealing short.

Any windows that aren't are adequate to accommodate some appealing extraneous debris accessible at accumulation quantity.

In short, pay absorption to mut packs for gifts, no others are in actuality worthwhile.

The solos will be branded UF, but we don't apperceive what specific promos, my HUNCH is that this adeptness be the aboriginal year in a continued time with NO OOP. For abounding affidavit not the bigger accepting that stats of cards are already too adequate at things like communicable and jumping that usually they save for the aboriginal OOP players.

Last year they alien 'snow beasts' i wouldn't be afraid to see this and 'Ghosts of Madden' accomplish a acknowledgment as endure year was the aboriginal year afterwards Ghosts and the association was enraged.

Also in this years anatomy Ghosts makes a lot added faculty than OOP. Ghosts of anger are aswell a abundant befalling to affection past, present, and chiefly abutting stars. Beneath represented players and beneath upgraded folk like Quentin nelson, Vander Ersch and earlier legends could all see upgrades in this affectionate of promo. Accustomed the aggregate of low legends they appear aboriginal in the bold at 90-91 i could see a 4-5 fable set in a ghosts of the accomplished with anyone like too alpine as the bang-up accepting a applicative advantage to advancement those guys.

They attending to be aptitude appear assorted sets and assorted masters this year, so all-embracing I'm optimistic.

Last year there was the advantage to accomplish assorted versions of the aforementioned bang-up and acknowledgment two altered abounding sets of guys so winter is usually a time to get a lot of NAT players ample on the team.

One affair to note, the players aren't consistently as adequate as some others, that's apparently because EA recognizes that they acquire a lot of new players about that time who are starting out, and like to acquire them catch-up.