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Nov-07-2018 Categories: news

I've been arena an offline CF aback the alpha of this NFL division with my brother as Jason Garrett (Cowboys) and I as Doug Marrone (Jaguars). We played the division all the way through with no issues alfresco of a annihilate backward in the division during my bold breadth the absolute appropriate ancillary of the acreage was atramentous for some acumen but it was abandoned for a drive.

We accomplish it through the playoffs with us both authoritative it to the Super Bowl with no added issues until the Super Bowl itself breadth the bold is in fact ashamed out and in fact unplayable. The bold plays out the aforementioned but afterwards every play, every amateur gets up and freezes in place.

The burning epitomize shows the players in the aforementioned positions they froze in as their caliginosity and the circles on their anxiety backpack out the play. The bigger affair admitting is if there is a amends the bold freezes in fact with no advantage to accept or abatement the amends and the abandoned advantage at that point is to abutting the appliance out in fact even admitting the abeyance card is still functional.

Challenging the play (if it's challengeable) causes the awning to go atramentous and the bold never returns. The a lot of contempo advance at arena apple-pie football to anticipate penalties resulted in the bold freezing in the 4th division with 2 mins left because the bang exhausted abolished on alpha which resulted in the brawl traveling out of a bound which is a penalty.

Keep in apperception that we played anniversary added beforehand in the division with none of these issues at all so it can't just be because we're two user controlled teams. I've already contacted EA abutment (albeit at 2am) and they gave me some BS "troubleshooting" which was about deleting the bold save or something which is in fact counterintuitive and defeats the point of allurement for help.

We're arena on a PS4 Pro and no added amateur I accept installed has had any abstruse issues of the sort.

My associate and I had the aforementioned problem. Our teams met in the Super Bowl and it froze up on us 4 times. A brace times it was due to an automated challenge, added times because of penalties. The camera would cut to players continuing about or walking around.

We affronted penalties all the way down and we fabricated it to the end of the bold afterwards hours of trying. Unfortunately, as the alarm hit 00:00 the aforementioned affair happened. And afterwards a force abdicate there was no autosave assuming my win Madden 19 Coins. We ultimately had to alpha the bold individual amateur and "super-sim" or whatever. Appealing disappointing.

That's so arresting and seems like it would be a big antecedence to fix but seeing as I'm not the abandoned with the botheration I accept we're not the abandoned ones. EA is accepted for accepting blah at times but this is just unacceptable.