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Nov-05-2018 Categories: news

I am starting a New Xbox One Alliance and currently we accept about 10 users! This Alliance will beforehand every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (no exceptions).

The rules cover 4th down rules and abundant more. We do not prohibit bodies to spam the aforementioned plays!

We appetite this Alliance to be as astute as accessible so we crave you to change up formations/play calling regularly!

If you adjudge to accompany this anniversary Alliance you accept to be active!

If you absence amateur consistently or do not acknowledge to DMs to agenda amateur you will be booted!

This will be a continued appellation alliance so if you appetite to accompany this would accept to be your MAIN League!

League Settings:

Difficulty - All Madden

Quarter Breadth - 8 minutes

Game Admission - Simulation


- Limited to 5 "User Playmakers" per game.

- Can abandoned run 3 bustle up plays in a row unless you are in a 2 minute drill.

- No Money plays/Glitch Plays.

- No Spamming Aforementioned Plays.


Available Teams: Dolphins, Jets, coinss, Broncos, Raiders, Titans, Steelers, Bengals, Browns, Niners, Seahawks, Cardinals, Lions, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Giants.