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Mar-14-2019 Categories: news

After some experimenting, I've assured it's air-conditioned for a article to win MVP abandoned off of acreage goals.

(Without nerfing in actuality anybody abroad - maybe I'll try this to see if it works.)

My max-out 99 OVR article for the Bears afterwards 7 abecedarian in anniversary 8 has fabricated 114 of 115 acreage goals (I shanked one because I wasn't paying attention) for a 98% bang rate, I nerfed all added kickers in the league, longest was a 100-yarder...

And I gave the Bears a few touchdowns just for the 100% XP (7 of 7). Got to anniversary 8, arrested the MVP rankings - not on the list. I was abominable disappointed.

Like I said, I'll try this afresh in the approaching with all added players in the alliance nerfed considerably, and afresh I will try this while active affected kicks/fake punts in adjustment for the guy to get touchdowns, and see if that will affect it.

EDIT: Welp, never mind. I took the article I had, switched his position to HB, Madden 19 Coins and got him an 888 yard, 11 TD game.

Instantly up to 5 on the MVP list. Alright - switched him to WR and got a 1023 yard, 19 TD game. #1 on the list, easily. So, I about-face him aback to kicker.

He's fucking not on the MVP list, and what's worse? He's no best even in application for best article because ALL HIS KICKING STATS DISAPPEARED.

They still abide if searching at division stats, but the bold just absitively to annul them.

This bold fucking sucks and I anticipate this is the audible affidavit that no bulk what you do, even if you get a 16,000 backyard division with 300 TDs at WR and afresh about-face him to article appropriate beforehand, a article will not anytime win MVP.