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​Madden 19 - MUT aggressive CFM PS4

news Apr-08-2019

​Madden 19 - MUT aggressive CFM PS4

Do you play MUT? Wanna try a CFM? Tired or assault owners in CFM's who cry and complain? We are a CFM that is MUT inspired.

No rules, just win. We acquire a agglomeration of fantasy drafted teams available... If you accompany we will accord you a Brilliant Dev on breach and Aegis and 2 added Dev upgrades to use as you see fit. Hit me up, Tmoungous on ps4.

Bengals: This is apparently the best best with 20 players at 80+, the 3rd aces in the abstract alternating with Phillip Rivers, Marshon Latimore, Kenny Golladay and calvin ridley etc...

Steelers: Bosa Payne bolster the DLINE with adolescent Jared Goff at QB. Solid WR's Doug Baldwin and Corey Davis. Solid DB's and OLINE too.

Vikings: You will acquire the #2 aces Derwin James, Travis Fredrick 96ovr) Centermost alternating with a solid DB bulk and some adolescent aptitude to plan with.

Browns: 4th pick, 99 Bobby Wags, Slay, Alshon, Matt Ryan, Nick Chubb, Tyrell Williams....not a bad band either.

Seahawks: 5th pick, Clowney, Diggs, Kittle bags of speed. lots of acceptable adolescent aptitude and adolescent Josh Rosen for your brilliant dev.

Colts: 6th aces LUCK! Antonio Brown! AJ Green!, yanda, buckner, Josh Johnson...This aggregation may be bigger than the Bengals. Could attempt adapted away.