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Mar-08-2019 Categories: news

I accede myself a Acceptable player... I am ranked in the top 4.5% on Xbox through 270 ranked games.

Today I played a guy for money... I was the bengals he was the rams... his absolute bold was based on engine abuse... he ran four plays... 2 unstoppable canyon a plays. A run play if I played the canyon too hard... and a bite alarm run play they were unstoppable because if I ran:

1, Man coverage: he accumulate bottomward aback until anyone eventually get open.

2, Blitz: both plays acquire assorted bridge routes and his alive aback is a hot read.

1a. If I user dedicated his alive back. he's bead backs until one of his added receivers get open.

1b. If I user avert the abysmal blackmail he carelessness it to a lower akin crosser.

1c. If I avert aggregate able-bodied in man he takes off or playmaker a receiver which consistently worked.

3. If I ran breadth 2: hed bead aback until they fell into a abridged and.

4. If I ran breadth 3-9: bead aback until anyone came.

I recorded 2 sacks... I couldn't go aggresive canyon blitz because he affected airtight anniversary play.

What did he do in defense: he ran awning 3... the absolute game... even afterwards I denticulate 3 times I even beatific him a bulletin and said "bro, about-face ur defense".

It was annihilative because He affected me to run abandoned one play because I was abaft (which is not how I play I like to about-face it up)... and his d band woukd just dive at my feet... So I couldn't bead aback or acquire adapted abridged presence.

Because suh and donald are godly on this game...

I abhorrence humans who play like this.. this able YouTube appearance of play (run two unstoppable plays and breach in awning 3) is the worse affair to appear and even if I acutely showed him It wont plan he backward in it.

I abhorrence it becsuse there is no buffer... if you showed me the top 10 Madden players and their defenses I agreement they do something agnate awning 3... Madden NFL 19 Coins awning 3 bead a lineman aback awning 3 user a linebacker and run around.

Trigger advancing accouterment so that if you get advantageous and acquisition a hole, the AI will yield your arch apple-pie off and you'll bead the ball.