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​Madden 19 - Madden 19 Franchise, 2024 Season

news Apr-17-2019

​Madden 19 - Madden 19 Franchise, 2024 Season

So, in my sports journalism class, we were accustomed an appointment to abode a fabulous commodity on our admired sport. Because how big of a affair Football is to me, I absitively to use my a lot of contempo division in Madden. I sit on the anniversary of Super Bowl LIX(haven't played the bold yet) arena as the Denver Broncos. I'm announcement it actuality at the aforementioned time I'm axis it in, so you gents and gals, or those of bearding terms, are seeing it at the aforementioned time as my Prof. Critique is appreciated. Enjoy!

But first, a little bit of accomplishments info: If I began this admission I had three rules: 1. One playthrough per game, aftereffect is FINAL(Some fucking affliction has followed.) 2. I accustomed myself to adapt ONE amateur beneath 90 to adapt them up to that OVR. And 3. I had to accept one ancillary of the brawl or the other(playing as a Coordinator and not a Head Coach.) All-Pro difficulty, alone sliders edited we're injuries(down to 22) and Acceleration Threshold(down to 15) I started the Franchise with a Fantasy Draft. In that abstract I best up Jared Goff, Joe Mixon, Sterling Shepard, Bradley Chubb, and Quandre Diggs forth with a few added Vets but mostly a adolescent team. I chose Mixon to adapt up to 90 as Goff was already a appropriate QB and I had a acceptable accumulation of wideouts to plan with. My Aperture was counterbalanced and my aegis was acceptable abounding to plan for me. Anyway, actuality is the 2024 Cool Bowl pregame bout up.

2024, Cool Bowl LIX

This division kicked off with the aforementioned favorites as the endure four. Denver, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Chicago. Annihilation new for the four teams that had accent the playoffs and the top two seeds in anniversary Conference anniversary of the endure 4 seasons.

But by amid added challengers would appear in Green Bay, Cincinnati, New Orleans and New England. To their chagrine, the Bears would abatement out of altercation backward in the division with key injuries to Baker Mayfield and Jay Ajayi. Tennessee would appear to abruptness some humans and adeptness the Wildcard abaft the arm of Dak Prescott. And Tampa Bay would ride a hot band of arresting slugfests to defended themselves a postseason berth. However, in the end we were larboard with 2 teams to vie for the Lombardi Trophy:

1, Denver 16-0

2, Green Bay 10-6

3, New England 11-5(LOST 27-10 DIV vs BAL)

4, Cincinnati 11-5(LOST 24-17 WC vs LAC)

5, Baltimore 11-5(LOST 26-3 CONF vs DEN)

6, Atlanta 10-6(LOST 21-19 WC vs TB)

7, New Orleans 10-6(LOST 41-9 DIV vs LAR)

8, Philadelphia 10-6(LOST 31-14 WC vs NO)

9, LA Rams 10-6(LOST 27-6 CONF vs GB)

10, Tampa Bay 9-7(LOST 35-27 DIV vs GB

11, LA Chargers 9-7(LOST 38-10 DIV vs DEN)

12, Tennessee 9-7(LOST 24-17 WC vs BAL)

So lets attending at how our final two teams got to breadth they are now: Cool Bowl LIX. Let's Allocution About It!

After eight amateur the alone aggregation to accept a solid anchor on their postseason hopes was Denver with an chaste almanac of 8-0-0 on their way to a absolute 16-0 division and an acknowledged appellation of #1 Seed in the AFC. The Packers would sit at 5-3 afterwards eight amateur and would rip the aforementioned almanac through the closing bisected for 10-6 almanac and appellation of #1 Seed in the NFC.

Fresh off a heartbreaking, season-ending accident to Jacksonville in endure season's Divisional Round, Denver has won 22-straight amateur counting aback to the preseason. Secured abaft a almighty yet counterbalanced Abhorrent Juggernaut averaging 43.3 points per game, Denver would run roughshot over the advance of their agenda even with the accident of starting Halfback Joe Mixon in anniversary 1. Quarterback Jared Goff and a bike of alarming Wide Receivers Sterling Shepard and Jack Cooper would could cause nightmares for the Defenses weekin and anniversary out. Afresh Mixon would acknowledgment in Anniversary 9 to add to the Abhorrent Firepower and Denver would set a baking clip en avenue to a Accord arch 8,012 yards of absolute offense. Their smallest allowance of vicotry? A 32-29 win over Oakland in anniversary 17. Goff would accomplishment the year with 5,090 yards through the air to accompany 51 Touchdowns. Sterling Shepard would aid in that Highly Explosive Aperture accounting for 1,743 yards and 19 Touchdowns and adolescent Jack Cooper would do the aforementioned with 1,268 yards and 11 touchdowns. Mixon, admitting missing 6 of the aboriginal 8 amateur with a Torn Collarbone, Madden 19 Coins would accomplishment with 1,346 yards onnthe arena with 18 Touchdowns to his name. In all 9 Broncos would accord with at atomic one accepting touchdown and Goff would yield home the NFL MVP award. Scores of Broncos would dot Ballad afterwards Ballad in the NFL Awards Ceremony acceptable eight added awards and Coach Chris Dalenport would yield home his added beeline Coach of the Year award.

Green Bay would yield a abounding bumpier aisle with their agenda dotted with six losses but even in those losses Quarterback Aaron Rodgers would appearance that even at the accomplished age of 40 he's still THAT good. Green Bay's Aperture would arbor up an admirable 5,850 yards of Absolute Aperture abaft Rodgers and HB Ezekiel Elliot. Elliot accomplished fourth in the Accord with 1, 435 yards and nine touchdowns. WR Dede Westbrook showed this division why he was such a alarming ambition at Oklahoma with 1,317 yards accepting forth with 11 touchdowns to cap a blemish year with his aboriginal Pro Bowl selection. And with 4,040 accidental yards and 37 touchdowns to boot, Rodgers accepted that even in his afterglow years hes able of putting out those consistently arch performances that hes been accepted for. Eight Packers accomplished the year with at atomic one accepting touchdown to their credit. But even with their arch play the Packers didnt necessarily acquisition their stride down the stretch, alternating wins and losses anniversary of their final seven amateur but traveling out on a top agenda with a 35-24 win over the Carolina Panthers.

Going into Cool Bowl LIX, Denver rides durably abaft that Lamborghini of an Offense. And they now accept the adventitious to do something that even Tom Brady and Madden Belichek couldn't: Cap a in fact absolute division with a Cool Bowl victory. But they annoyance abaft them their tin can of a Arresting Unit. Endure in the league, about SEVEN THOUSAND yards accustomed up over the advance of 2024. Denver's defense, admitting arch play from the brand of Brad Chubb, Quandre Diggs, and their young, stand-out MLB Morgan Shepard, has been down appropriate bottomless all division about acceptance Oakland's 27th ranked Aperture to birr the Broncos' absolute division hopes. Meanwhile for Green Bay they'd bigger be attainable for this game. This aggregation is not the aforementioned Denver Broncos that were ashamed by the Seahawks in 2015. That was a appropriate division for Manning, but the Seahawks and the "Legion of Boom" were ready. This Aperture is collapsed out deadly, accepting baffled the bulk 1, 3, and 6 Defenses beyond the endure two months of Football. In every aspect, the Packers will allegation to be absolute to accept a adventitious at advancing out on top. Even if they play absolute on Aperture they will allegation to play even bigger on Defense. They will allegation to apathetic them down. They will allegation to accumulate Goff and Co. off the acreage and yield advantage of that league-worst aegis that could be Denver's Achilles Heel.

In abbreviate I anticipate the Broncos will appear abroad with this one, but if they're not accurate it will be abounding added demanding than they'd like. Green Bay's Aperture will accomplish some plays, but abounding like the endure twenty-two teams Denver has faced, I don't anticipate they're traveling to accomplish enough.

Prediction: Denver 38, Green Bay 24.

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