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​Madden 19 - I acquire no abstraction what is traveling on here

news Apr-09-2019

​Madden 19 - I acquire no abstraction what is traveling on here

Does Madden 19 add hidden adversity modifiers to the Air-conditioned Bowl? I acquire no abstraction what is traveling on here, added than that the coinss are cursed. Three trips to the SB in a 7-year authorization so far. Every individual time I get in actuality destroyed out.

Only one bold was abutting and that's because down 24-3 traveling into the 4th quarter, I just went abounding on cheese the AI with a adaptable QB and ran all over them aback the AI doesn't acknowledge until the QB in actuality crosses the LOS. (Madden scripted an XP block afterwards what should acquire been the game-tying TD and I absent 24-23. Should acquire accepted bigger than to accord the AI a adventitious to yield it with a scripted play, but I digress).

My QB is an 89 OVR and he plays well- until the SB. Afresh he can't hit the battery of a barn. Four picks in the aboriginal bisected adjoin the Saints, three of them because he in actuality absent throws and one because it bounced off the aback of the WR's helmet.

Not counting the adaptable QB cheese, in a absolute of 10 abode of SB play, my breach has denticulate 12 absolute points. My abhorrent band consists of 79-86-83-84-89. Not great, but not horrible.

But they commonly in actuality aroma on blocks and accord me no time at all to throw. WRs are amazing- until the SB. WR1 commonly tears up the alliance and the postseason. I get to the SB, and he just drops everything.

My bodies bolt the ball, yield three steps, get hit, and afresh bead the brawl and its not a catch. Their bodies bolt the ball- because my guys debris to in actuality bouncer them and are agreeable to angle 5 yards back- get hit afore they do anything, and still adhere on 95% of the time.

And its mainly JUST the Superbowls. Don't get me wrong, there is some AI applesauce in the season, but annihilation abutting to this akin in one game. Is this just some array of batty bad luck or is there in actuality some modifier for the SB?

Now, just to amend this, I went aback to this game, was down 23-7 at the bisected afterwards aback to aback crazy aces sixes by the AI linebackers- did you guys apperceive the Saints LBs alternation on the moon to acquiesce them to jump upwards of ten bottom into the air? Fun fact- and assuredly was like, this is just ridiculous. Again, abounding on cheese with a adaptable QB. Won 40-33. It's batty how awfully this bold is coded breadth EA cannot bulk out how to get the AI to acknowledge to a alive QB until he in actuality crosses the band of scrimmage. This has been a botheration aback at atomic Madden 17- if I get my PS4 and started arena Madden again- and I anticipate this is apparently my endure Madden. I like arena football games, but all I ambition is a astute authorization admission that is abundantly difficult, so I'm not acceptable the SB every year, not whatever nonsense this is.

It was acquire if I was arena the Panthers, as that's what I started doing, aback Carolina is my admired team, but now I'm appealing abiding it's just because of Cam's mobility. I wouldn't carefully try to cheese with him, but I would use his advancement if it was a acceptable idea, and aback this is in actuality clumsy to be responded to by the AI, apparently won added than I should because of it.

Clearly EA cares added about sucking every alive dollar out of humans via MUT admission than in actuality authoritative a acceptable football sim game.

Edit: One added clue the bold is altered in the postseason that I've noticed- my FG article has 98 adeptness and 86 accuracy. During the approved season- I use play the moments- this agency over the advance of four years he has absent four FGs in the approved season, Madden NFL 19 Coins and I anticipate 3/4 were because I was aggravating something over 60 yards.

In the endure two postseason runs- 7 games- he has absent 5 FGs and three XPs, as any array of abundantly accessory aberration to the larboard or adapted of the accurateness beat after-effects in a miss. Its absolute weird.