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Jun-12-2019 Categories: news

Every year the new madden comes out with a slew of glitches and issues that are consistently there with no fix. The gamers complain harder and harder every year. The protesters just stop buying the game and with that the madden franchise saw that a lot of people will buy anyways. Take me, I hate madden sometimes, Madden NFL 19 Coins but I absolutely lovee football. I cant get enough of it so I play the game.

So as a business they don't care that you didn't buy the game, lots of other people bought it and play it, thats the catch.

The only option is to protest in better ways.

1.) Dont pre order, or buy at full price. Buy used. This alone should be a huge deal to them.

2.) Have down days where people dont play this game to observe a large scale protest.

3.) Dont make in game purchases.

4.) Protest to NFL, so they feel compelled to do something about the monopoly state of the game.

5.) Rent the game for a very brief period.

I am all for this. I spent around $300 on MUT last year. One day I was about to open more packs for a program, then I started to do the math and I realized what on earth I had done. Then things started to open up more and more as I got into small tournaments, and then I realized what kind of game I was supporting. I probably won't ever give EA Sports money again.

EA needs to realize that its the player base that makes their game succeed, and that if they first make a game with stable gameplay (which will increase the player base), then add on the things in MUT (more money for EA), it will be much better for them and for us.