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Nov-29-2018 Categories: news

I anticipate Heavyweights needs to alpha including assorted lineman. They fabricated this set so lineman would get some adulation all year, but instead what they did was dead any non aristocratic lineman in a year area Affair teams are a applicable play.

Today's HW was Yanda, but the Ravens accept had Matt Skura Starting every bold at centermost this year. He's not the best, but in bold he's a 67 overall. Guy deserves a gold card.

Big Bad Nelson and candidly anybody on the colts oline deserve massive amounts of love. But they aren't the big name players so they don't even get baby upgrades.

Packers accept had Byron Bell starting at RG about all season. He hasn't been the greatest by any means, but the guy doesn't even accept a agenda period.

Will Hernandez, McGlinchey accept had absurd amateur seasons as able-bodied and no love.

Andrus Peat is the best rated LG in the alliance appropriate now per PPF and he abandoned has a 76 gold. Even Mitchell Schwartz has been amphitheatre able-bodied aloft his 81 bulk Elite.

Removing Lineman from TOTW has dead the bazaar for them completely. Authoritative heavyweights a bank arrangement would fix a lot of it quickly. Or they charge to arouse Lineman into TOTW.

Where the fuck is my Justin Britt C card, DJ Fluker RG, or even JR Sweezy at LG (all Seahawks oline). Our o band has gotten WAY bigger this year and besides an 81 bulk aristocratic Duane Brown, and FL Hutchinson LG (thank God admitting for this card), the blow of the Oline is gold and argent lol.

With affair teams this year they shouldn't accept decreased the bulk of totw players either in my opinion. Because there's been a lot of abundant performances that don't get any apprehension because there's abandoned like 10 cards appear anniversary totw.

Lineman are def backward behind, I haven't actually done annihilation to my o-line besides add Peters to RT because there hasn't been a advantageous advancement in forever... Madden NFL 19 Coins been active the aforementioned autogenous o-line for what seems like 2 months.

Meanwhile in WL I'm traveling adjoin d-lines with 97ovr LT, 95ovr Beggarly Joe, 95ovr McCoy and now the new Clowney will be on everyone's d-line too. And I'm still agitation a day 1 TD at centermost and chaff sitton at LG.