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Nov-01-2018 Categories: news

It's been torn anytime aback the bold came out but it's not fun to apple-pie teams and sim through all the amateur anymore because EA in actuality put no accomplishment into how apish amateur go.

I just had a aggregation that I congenital with a 99 defense, 91 breach that didn't breach .500 in 3 afterwards years.

Simulating amateur was bad endure year but it's even worse this year. Madden is a joke, the majority of teams in a simmed are all boilerplate of the backpack teams.

Even Bengal (the dude on youtube who started rebuilds) gets balked and rarely does rebuilds anymore. This was my admired affair to do and it needs to be fixed, not for the next Madden but it needs to be patched this year.

Genuine catechism from anyone who plays abandoned CFM as an buyer and plays every game: What do you adore about simming seasons and not arena any games?

I accept adequate rebuilding/building a aggregation aback I adore that allotment as abounding as arena the amateur themselves, Madden 19 Coins but what is the fun in just simming week-to-week/season-to-season?

Let's say you win the superbowl afterwards three years of simming (which apparently takes all of a few days)... I can't brainstorm it feels anywhere abreast as accomplishing as if you played every bold or even bisected of the amateur and it took you a ages or two.

Is it about the absolute gratification? Do you not adore the gameplay? Already again, I'm not aggravating to criticize, I in fact am just analytical what the advantages are from your perspective.

If simulation is all you ambition to do, you can apparently pay anyone to actualize an excel macro for you that would be MUCH added accessory to what you're searching for than what Madden can, or anytime will, accommodate aback they breach their assets amid CFM, UT, and online play.

I would anticipate the aggregate of humans who carefully sim franchises for years on end are the acute boyhood of Madden players and they aren't traveling to baby appear them.

I do a little of both (play Madden authorization games, sim 2k MyGM games) and it comes down to speed. Some humans do not like the time it takes to play 16 amateur (not including playoffs and offseason).

Also, some humans feel gameplay is absolute repetitive so simming takes that aspect out.