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Oct-31-2018 Categories: news

A few questions and thoughts/short analysis from a new noob for Madden 19 who mostly plays abandoned Franchise. Aswell is "potential" hidden?

I'm a ooold but big sports amateur fan and I've assuredly appear aback to Madden afterwards 10+ years if it assuredly came to the PC. I rarely play online btw.

So clashing amateur like NBA 2K, is "potential" hidden? I've apprehend about the development trait, is that aswell hidden?

Because of how "experience" works in this game, does arena with beneath account traveling to aching my aggregation in the continued run? Any "fix" for this added than arena every bold at 10+ mins?

How does corruption plan for beforehand players? How bound & how abounding do they bead off and usually at what age?

BTW, I had a absolute boxy time arena at PRO level, even with crazy slider boosts for me and reductions for the AI, but afterwards burning my pride and arena on ROOKIE with some sliders boosts for the AI, the bold plays abounding bigger imo.

I'm arena as the Steelers, do players get a amends if I sub a OLB into a DE spot, DE into a DT spot, SS/FS into a CB atom etc?

Playing man on aegis seems broken. Is it just me? Should I assault added or less? Can't aggregate out how to play aegis with any consistency.

Also can't anytime auspiciously run a awning play to save my life. My goto avenue is the comebacker or In/drag routes, but I rarely complete a abysmal pass. My best WRs rarely exhausted a CB deep, even if 1:1.

Any added routes I should attending at and how can I auspiciously accomplish a abysmal post/GO route? Aswell achromatize avenue in the end area with alpine WRs, is that even applicable in Madden? Do pump fakes aggregate at all if amateur vs AI?

The alive bold feels abounding bigger afterwards up'ing the run block slider of Madden 19 Coins. If should I columnist the turbo boost? What button do you usually use if just smashing into an central run?

Antonio Brown seems in fact meh to me so far. As able-bodied as Le'Veon Bell. Maybe I'm application them amiss but I anticipation 97+ superstar players would feel abounding added like stars but so far they assume just normal.

I abhorrence that the AI never calls an audible. I abhorrence that acrimonious activity the AI isn't reacting to my plays but just reads and knows the play I best beforehand.

In actuality the AI just seems dumb, accidental and with no argumentation sometimes, abnormally compared to amateur like NBA 2K.

While we're at it, I'm in fact aghast in the carbon tracking in the game. Seems like some simple stats are just credible missing.

I'm apologetic to accumulate comparing it to added sports amateur like FIFA, MLB the Show, NBA 2K etc., but as one of the bigger amateur currently I accepted a lot more.

Clunky highlights, meh ingame bright overlays, meh announcers. And WTH is with the card navigation? Columnist LT/RT to change screens?!

I do adulation that football is assuredly on the PC but maybe my homesickness accepted a lot more.

Thanx for annual my ramblings. Any tips/links to the Authorization approach or just gameplay in accepted would be abundantly appreciated. THANK YOU!