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Dec-04-2018 Categories: news

Fresh off a 12-4 season, my Packers avant-garde to the wildcard annular of the playoffs (Bears won the assay at 13-3). Brilliant abhorrent stats for this Packers group, with Aaron Rodgers throwing 4,500 + yards, 46 TD's and 7 INT's and Aaron Jones alive for 1,300 yards and 13 TD's on the ground.

My aboriginal playoff adversary is the boilerplate 8-7-1 Bucs, who according to my game, are amphitheatre their endure year in TB. This bold was in Tampa, because somehow, the Bucs won their assay with that record.

I storm out in foreground and yield a advantageous 3 ascendancy advance in the aboriginal half, but the Bucs affronted it about in the 2nd half. It's the fourth division with Madden 19 Coins just over a minute and a bisected to go with the Bucs arch 38 -36.

My aegis gets the stop afterwards application all of my timeouts, and the brawl is downed at the 6 backyard line... actuality we go.

Meanwhile, in complete life, I'm absolutely stoned, and my wife is cuddled up next to me as well, aswell stoned. She was benumbed abundant to breadth she had some complete affecting investment in this game. Her buzz was down and she was 100% bound into this agitative playoff matchup.

It was in actuality appealing fun accepting anyone auspicious me on, fabricated me absence amphitheatre brawl in top school. We aswell are chit chatting while accomplishing this, so amid the drugs and talking, I wasn't on my A-game.

This drive was abundantly exciting, with a fourth down about-face befuddled in there. I assuredly get the brawl in the redzone, which agency I am attainable to allowance the win with a FG.

My eyes are laser-focused on the clock. I had pre-determined I was traveling to use a abeyance with 2 aberrant remaining.

I watched as the alarm ticked.

*Ten, nine, eight...

*I was attainable to cap off a admirable game-winning drive with a W...

*seven, six, five...

*Wifey and I are high-fiving and demography achievement tokes...

*four, three...


Game over. Bucs win 38-36.

Mike McCarthy was afterwards let go afterward his apprenticeship gaffe. I assassin Todd Bowles as the Packers new drillmaster (similar arrangement w/ adolescent drafted aptitude tailored to said scheme).

I get into it in a altered way. I usually get into the little belief I adeptness in my arch as the assay goes along. I get into the statistical aspect of things, as able-bodied as MVP contest and what not. If I'm stoned, I don't get too agitated at the bullshit.

But I'm not gonna front, if there is a air-conditioned BS play, like an interception that was never accept to appear (bounced off three guys 20 yards in the air and best off by Spiderman kinda shit) I abdicate the bold afore the play ends and reload appropriate breadth I larboard off, because I play abandoned online league.

I'm hardcore into accurateness so I don't BS affecting the bold at all to accomplish it fair as possible. Aforementioned applies for if I get an crazily lucky, never would appear in complete life, play in my favor.