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Jan-04-2019 Categories: news

First affair is the characterless FG blame meter. EA makes coinsions of dollars but I'm still accident abecedarian by 1 point because the FG beat stops 5 abnormal afterwards I advance A and it goes to the larboard sideline.

It can't be that harder to accomplish a accepted beat that in actuality works. I apperceive for 100% abiding it cannot be my affiliation because I've done tests and my upload, download, ping, aggregate is good. Show a little accomplishment EA please.

Second affair is how can somebody put 2 DTs in a QB spy and go altogether into a spy on a canyon play and go altogether into a assault aegis on a run?

If you're in a spy your aboriginal footfall isn't appear the LOS so if there's a run play you should be accepting pushed aback with ease of buying madden NFL 19 Coins.

I'm ailing of active the brawl appropriate at the spy and my 97 Ricky Williams accepting arm tackled if he tries to get through a babyish hole. Active at a spy should actualize a absolute nice hole.

QB spy is so OP that humans don't even about-face who they're spying to be abject because they apperceive they can spy and stop the run as if there's no spy and on a canyon play get into the spy perfectly.

In Madden accomplishing something has a downside. If I go harder flats they can run a bridge avenue and delay until the Receiver gets to the added ancillary and bandy it over the harder flat.

If I assault there's beneath humans in advantage so it's easier to throw. If I play awning 3 I accept one beneath accepting attention boilerplate routes.

If you QB spy you get to assault 3 with the aforementioned adequacy as hasty 4, you get an added canyon defender, additional anyone to stop the QB from running.