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Nov-09-2018 Categories: news

I play this bold a lot, about I mainly do it because it's the alone NFL bold out there due to EA's cartel on sports games. If there were added options, I would go for them, because so abounding things in this bold are broken. Actuality are a few examples:

1, Advanced receivers accept no abstraction of breadth they are on the field. I can bandy a absolute canyon to them if they're ten yards from the sideline, yet they still somehow administer not to get both of their anxiety in bounds. This is abnormally frustrating in the end breadth if you accept an befalling for 6 and you do appealing abundant aggregate right, but the CPU fucks you over.

2, The abhorrent linemen accept to accept a accumulated IQ of 4. They can't analyze a assault to save their activity and they inexplicably appear off their blocks to run into the accessory like I just threw a bomb down the field, even admitting I'm down on the arena in the backfield because their amateur asses weren't blocking.

3, Whenever I cycle out to my appropriate and the receiver is advanced attainable in foreground of me, I abolish him apparently 90% of the time admitting not accomplishing annihilation altered from the added 10%. The bold appealing abundant decides whether or not the canyon is completed, not you.

4, Active backs alone adjudge to be active backs already they assuredly clamber their way accomplished the band of scrimmage.

5, The aegis is in actuality useless. I accept an 87 all-embracing aegis yet they still acquiesce about 28 credibility per game. So abounding corners and safeties appear out of their breadth for no acumen added than the bold absent them to. And I don't ambition to hear the "git gud" excuse, because how in Bob Ross' name is it my accountability if a CPU that I'm not authoritative defends their breadth like they just got a lobotomy ? Am I declared to assumption which CPU is traveling to fuck me over? Aegis aswell makes absolutely no faculty because one of my ends bankrupt Michael Strahan's individual division sack record, one of my corners about bankrupt the individual division interception record, and one of my safeties got 17 interceptions this season. With those fantastic numbers, how can the aegis acquiesce 28 credibility per bold ? It makes in actuality no sense. In absolute life, if a aegis had those numbers, they would apparently be bigger than the 85' Bears, not the agnate of the 2012 Saints.

6, The annotation is the a lot of arid drivel on the face of the planet. Annihilation they say is of any substance. You can breach the individual division sack almanac and individual division hasty record, but instead of talking about that, they'll talk about how the craven parmesan they ate endure night must've gotten to Brandon's arch or Charles Davis' music abecedary from elementary school. You can win the aboriginal air-conditioned basin in the franchise's history, they will not acknowledgment it (unless it's the coinss). They never allocution about NFL history or fun stats. Annihilation absorbing at all.