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​I'd say the best admonition

maplestory Tag: Maplestory Mesos, Maplestory 2, Maplestory 2 Mesos Jul-01-2018

​I'd say the best admonition

(MapleStory, From Reddit) I'm currently sitting at a little over 7000, so I'd like to bell in here. I'd say the best admonition I can accord is to be patient. Yield every baby accretion area you can, and don't exhausted yourself up if you absence an accident that would accept accustomed you beyond gains. It will appear in time, so just go at your own clip and acquisition a antithesis amid countless leveling and your approved playstyle that works for you.

In commendations to the absolute action of accretion your countless score, I'd advance you stop aggravating to akin a chic beeline to 200. It is tedious, and afterwards able preparation, it can be difficult depending on the class. By far, the best adjustment (it has already been declared in this cilia several times) is to akin all 40 classes to 140. That instantly places you at 5,600 legion, barring added levels on your main. Not alone that, but you will again accept admission to all hotlink skills, all important countless blocks with an A rating, and at atomic 52m countless advance power. From that point on, you can accept how to continue; either akin accurate classes beeline to 200, akin classes calm by circadian bossing, or a mix of both. Personally, I chose a few classes that were agreeable or fantastically simple to akin to go beeline to 200 (Illium, DA, BaM, Lumi, etc.).

Since you mentioned that you accept admission to Kishin, I'd acclaim accepting all classes to 140 afterwards bossing, because it is acutely simple back we accept the afire acreage change. My adjustment is to alternation at approved fields until 100, again any Leafre map until about 108-110, again Zak afterwards I admission a rune (Evan hotlink will ensure the rune stays alive continued abundant for weaker classes to clear). Already Zak is defeated, I will do Black Kents until 120, again move on to a abstruse acreage in Ludi (HTR to the bottom-left acreage on the apple map, again yield the aperture on the top left). I will usually break actuality until 140, but they do not bead Pensalir gear. So if you would rather accept Pensalir accessory as anon as you hit 140, it'd be best to go to KFT about 135.

Once all classes are 140, I'd advance circadian bossing and monster esplanade as your go-to for leveling. If you can absorb a few added account and the meso for an HTR, you can get a chic to 155 via Kerning Tower, and again alpha killing NHT with a countless 2x advertisement for GREAT exp. If you accept added time extra on the coupon, again you can yield on NHilla as able-bodied for a little benefit exp, some added meso, and a adventitious at her pet. This will use a LOT of bill if you advance it on assorted characters, so accumulate that in mind. You can use this adjustment up to about akin 170, but again the exp starts to actually apathetic down. At that point, I'd acclaim switching to training the endure 30 levels, back a lot of classes will accept admission to all important alive hypers and some will accept important acquiescent hypers for training (don't be abashed to advance in acquiescent hypers that aren't optimal for bossing, because you can artlessly displace them already you are 200).

If instead you accept to akin classes beeline to 200, again here's the aisle I'd acclaim taking:

A) Kerning Tower, the map beneath the capital antechamber (unsure of name, will amend already bold is up), until 155-160

B) Kerning Tower dressers until 175

C) Omega Sector akin 169 aliens until 180-185

D) Omega Sector akin 173 or 175 aliens until 190-192

E) Any Twilight Perion map with burning. I adopt the butt maps, even admitting they can be actual crowded. Do not abatement for the FES2 or FES4 maps, as they are over awash and added difficult if you do not accept the ambit for them. The added maps are actually accomplished with Kishin.

Something to accumulate in apperception is that even admitting you may be able abundant to annihilate mobs at the aforementioned akin as you, it is a lot of acceptable added able to annihilate mobs at a lower akin than you (especially with Cadena's link). So just buck through the banality and stick to the aforementioned map that you've been at for a while.