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STW references, Easter Eggs and Trivia in BR that you adeptness accept missed! Pls apprehend this from reddit by xcrimsonlegendx...

- The "V" in V-bucks stands for Vindertech and V-bucks are clearly accepted in-game as "Vinderbucks".

- A lot of of the technology in the bold comes from Vindertech, an in-game aggregation created by Dr. Vinderman who is missing and accepted dead. Items in-game including the accumulation drop, Battlebus, Umbrella and abounding others are from Vindertech.

- The Battlebus is powered by Bluglo, a abstruse baggy actual from Save the World, as apparent by the bluglo carry on the foreground of the bus.

- The appearance you play as isn't in actuality the one you see in 3rd accepting on your screen, you're amphitheatre as a "commander" who is administering the activity from an over the accept camera.

- The accessory apparent if you spawn in or if you die is said camera/teleporter that your administrator is application to baby-sit the hero's progress.

- The "zombie" murals on some barrio are Husks, the primary fodder enemies in STW.

- The van in the Top Stakes LTM is a re-textured adaptation of Lars' van in the Ride the Lighting mission blazon from STW, which is aswell powered by Vindertech and bluglo.

- The Rock out emote's guitar is in actuality Lars' guitar as apparent in STW.

- Power Chord's guitar is a re-texture of the aforementioned Guitar.

- The barrier that encloses the map captivation aback the storm is a "Storm shield", a section of Vindertech that is acclimated in STW home bases to assure your abject from the horde.

- The new "Backbone" derma is based on the allegorical hero Steel Wool Syd, from the Canny Valley storyline in STW who is in a bandage with the advanced mentioned appearance Lars.

- The accompanying glider that goes with Syd's "backbone" derma says "Plankerton" on it, advertence to Syd's biker club in Save the Apple and the additional breadth of the campaign.

- Carbide is assize to the adventure in Save the World, the appearance accepted as Spitfire (the amateur archetypal from Funk Ops and Brite Gunner) was ablaze by the comet that landed during the Blockbuster accident and had to use a ancestor Vindertech clothing to save his life. (Omega and the added heroes are not)

- Raven is aswell canon, admitting little is accepted about his origins.

- Raven's appropriate adeptness in STW is bifold pistols, they were added about 2 months afterwards to BR as a approved boodle item.

- The afresh leaked "Cloaked Star" derma is based on a hero from STW called Ken, who absent his ancestors to the creatures of the storm and took on the crimson of a cool hero to seek revenge.

- The Cloaked brilliant is aswell a ninja chic hero with a thinner physique blazon if compared to the accustomed amateur models of BR.

- All accepted banknote in BR are based on the amateur archetypal for the Soldier chic hero from STW.

- The bold files for STW accommodate a appearance called "SkydiveTest Pilot Large" who's description reads that he is a analysis for skydiving and gliders on ample physique types, hinting that the thicc physique amateur models may be headed to BR.

- The accessible Grill Sergeant derma carefully resembles the abominable "Medkit guy" from STW called Ned, who is consistently searching for his missing medkit.

- Said medkit is the asset now acclimated in BR for the ample medkits.

- The Durr burger amulet arch is one of the ancient assets from STW's development and players can be apparent cutting the arch as a corrective in some of the old gameplay videos.

- "Blue Striker" the Playstation absolute derma wears a absent searching visor, this asset is anon aerial from Harvester Sarah a hero in STW and is not an aboriginal asset.

- Abounding of the agriculture accoutrement in BR are anon ported from STW breadth they started as affray weapons, including the scythe, stop Axe, and crowbar.

- The high-tech Glowstick agriculture apparatus doesn't in actuality accord to the "Neon glow" corrective set in BR, its a added from STW's cyber jailbait set and was added into the babble bodypaint themed set afterwards the actuality for some alien reason. It heavily resembles the Neon Scythe and Argon axe affray weapons of the aforementioned set in STW.

- The You shouldn't have! agriculture apparatus has a allowance tag on the bow that says its a allowance from Kyle to Jess. Kyle is a Constructor in STW and Jess is an Outlander, the agriculture specialist class. So its a acceptable allowance for Kyle to buy her.

- The Stink Bomb's gas coinsow looks and behaves in actuality the aforementioned as the Lobber enemy's advance in STW, artlessly on a beyond scale.

- The abandoned weapon that BR has that isn't in STW is the Guided rocket launcher.

- The Boodle llama in BR is the aforementioned archetypal as the paid lootbox from STW acclimated to acquire schematics and added PvE items.

- Some of you will accept accepted by now, aboriginal in Fortnite's development the fan admired Tomato arch acclimated to be a abominable antic called Uncle Pete but was afflicted to the beneath cool amulet if the bold afflicted art administration abroad from a added austere chilling aesthetic. However the architecture of the architecture was still larboard unaltered, the acrylic job still resembles a antic suit, the assurance still says Uncle Pete's Pizza pit and the abutting cockle about Pete's arch was larboard abaft and could still be apparent beneath Tomato arch until the contempo temple overhaul.

- An advert for Uncle Pete's Pizza was added to the Apathetic Links golf advance on the signs at anniversary hole, the baby banderole even shows the aboriginal antic design. (Maybe anytime Pete will get a skin? A guy can dream, right?)

- One of the barrio in Tilted Towers is blocked off by attention band which reads "Stonewood Police" a absolute advertence to the aboriginal breadth in the bold breadth a badge abject can sometimes be found.

- The minigun started off as the defining adeptness for the Soldier chic hero in STW and was afterwards ported over to BR.

- The autograph on the ancillary of the minigun that reads "Husk a la vista" is a apology of "Hasta la vista" but referencing Husks, the enemies in STW.

- The now alveolate Tactical SMG acclimated a architecture from STW's scavenger weapon set which is based on a bootleg artful with rusty, cobbled calm locations and didn't in actuality fit the affair of the absolute BR weapons. Possibly a agency in its backup with the accepted SMG model.

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