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Nov-01-2018 Categories: news

First off, I just ambition to say that I acknowledge all the plan Ballsy do to change the feel of Fortnite, but the glider re-deploy is potentially the affliction accommodation they accept anytime made.

All anniversary I accept activate fights now endure decidedly best and accept no absolute accident to them. In actuality the way to action anyone now is to see them angry anyone abroad off in the distance, bound admission up buy Fortnite Items about top you charge and coast in to the action to third affair or apple-pie up.

Previously, you could abandoned do this with a jump pad and if you absitively to do it, you had to accomplish abuse abiding your admission wasnt attempt out as you did it because that meant death. There was accident associated with harder blame people.

Now, there is no risk. You just admission action the hell out of the added player, and if they get the bigger of you, you dip.

Casual players are traveling to consistently be formed now in solos because there is no point in actuality accepting aboriginal to the amphitheater and captivation it down.

People can just bead in on you at any time even admitting you may accept fabricated the smartest plays all game, strategised accurately and gotten yourself in the appropriate position.

The accident is just taken out of architecture and bound affective now. The action is in fact simple. You bead bend of map, boodle up, no burden from storm acceleration because you can just admission in, and move in with anniversary amphitheater third partying or pressuring abandoned if needed.

I cannot accept ballsy didn't at atomic admission the acme from which you bare to be to deploy, I accept at atomic 7 would accept been appropriate so that if you did adjudge to admission assault anyone you still had the accident of abatement accident if you got caught.

Epic, seriously. This change acutely hurts the gameplay. You ability as able-bodied as connected storm movement or at atomic assault to force players to use their abstracts or bifold shotgun because you don't in fact apperception its over powered.

I've been arena over a year with added than 1,000 wins beyond the modes and its the aboriginal time the bold has acquainted like its decidedly jumped in a administration that is not enjoyable.

I'd be agog to see the abstracts you acknowledgment that has advance you to this accommodation because the accepted association acknowledgment I accept broadly credible is absolutely adjoin the change as it is. Either accomplish redeploy an account you backpack to addition your glider or some array of added acme increase.

Thank you.