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​FortNite - Why does this bold abhorrence abandoned players

news Apr-17-2019

​FortNite - Why does this bold abhorrence abandoned players

BEWARE: Rant incoming!

I just played a Canny Valley Storm Absorber 1 mission and it was in fact frustrating. I spent 30 account of agriculture to prepare, addition 20 account of architecture the pyramide and the allurement tunnels. Alone to still run out of materials, so I had not abounding to assure all sides. I anticipate "Heck the antecedent SS weren't that harder as continued I get some help, I should be fine.". I Lower the shields, delay for allies, no one shows up... Oh able-bodied as continued as the crust spawn at the appropriate side... NOPE all spawn appropriate breadth the tunnels aren't... Welp fuck me alongside on a merry-go-round, this is traveling to be fun.

Hell NO it wasn't! There were 3 lobbers spamming me and addition 2 spamming my storm shield. There were at atomic two brume monster at me at all times and aloft all the crust were NATURE!


It wasn't like I spent 1.5k metal on my bank 3 metal pyramide, could could could cause that would cede my body in fact useless, right?!

Yep, it fucking did.

I died alert so I acclimated up all my revives that I had left, died again, and the storm absorber alone to 0 with 11 sec left...

I've absitively I am done with this game. No added effort. I will try and get to Twine Peaks so I can acreage V-bucks for the added mode, but for the rest, fuck this game. Way to abounding stress.

Edit: I'm already cat-and-mouse for the 'git gud m8'.

It sucks to abort a Stormshield. I account every amateur has one that they bootless that affectionate of afflicted their admission to the game. For me it was Stonewood 6 lol. Anyhow afterwards that I apparent allurement tunnels and aggregate got a bit easier.

So a brace of tips in case you do try and alpha again.

1, Accomplish abiding you accept appropriately levelled accessories (at atomic the aforementioned akin as the crust which are pl40 in Canny 1). Best accessories to use are gas accessories and bank launchers. You aisle the crust so the bank launchers accumulate blame them aback through the gas accessories again. 2 or 3 iterations of that Fortnite Items with appropriately levelled accessories will annihilate your accomplished wave. Use board attic spikes on the arena as these will apathetic the crust down (they don't allegation to be levelled up, the apathetic applies at any level).

2, Watch David Dean and added YouTube videos for tips. DD aswell gives tips on how to body your stormshield to assure from lobbers and flingers. By CV you in fact accept to stop architecture pyramids. Including in approved missions except maybe 1 or 2 atlas. Pyramids just don't accord abounding protection.

3, As others accept said, agriculture for SSDs takes canicule - not consistently in clandestine but maybe if arena accessible i yield a appropriate greenhorn to bite accepting traveling about and get some added mats that way.

4, Run a BASE focused architect hero like megabase or abundant Abject or adeptness base. You absolutely allegation those types of heroes for SSDs traveling forwards.

5, You haven't said what your PL is - if you are abounding lower than pl40 that may aswell explain why you bootless as your FORT stats will not be able enough. If this is the case, get some survivor XP and akin up your survivors.

6, CV 1 there is a top adventitious you will be attacked from the south or the west so I would just do tunnels that way. Afresh if by some aberration accompaniment you get attacked from North or east just restart the SSD until you get a south or west spawn.

Edit: just noticed your animadversion about 1.5k metal. So in prepping for an SSD including architecture the stormshield or amp and the allurement tunnels I would apprehend to use about 10-15k mats at least, just to accord you a asperous idea. So yeah 1.5k mats is boilerplate abreast enough.